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  1. Burrii

    Burrii New Member This Topic's Starter

    Oct 11, 2010
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    I just bought and installed a Samsung galaxy S, but I'm having big issues syncing to my Google Apps Professional account.

    I've set up the account through accounts:

    Settings > Accounts > Business
    added my username and password
    selected "Exchange"
    used the settings from google apps:
    domain: google
    server: m.google.com

    now it accepts the settings but no mail comes in and no sync for my contacts is being made. When I go to the email app and select "refresh" it says "application E-mail (process com.android.email) is unexpectedly stopped"

    so I followed the steps I found online, cleared all data through the settings > manage apps and set up the account again. But again, I am getting the same problems...

    It's really starting to aggravate me...

    anybody set up google apps professional on this phone succesfully? what am I doing wrong?


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