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Setting up wifi with Tablet and PCSupport

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  1. leppy99

    leppy99 New Member

    Hello all:
    I'm new to this forum and "REALLY" new to using an Android Tablet(Envizen V100MD) and I am very confused and getting frustrated. I have a Window 7 Desktop; Motorola Gateway NVG510; the Envizen V100MD; Android 4.1 and I can not figure out how to connect the Tablet and the Desktop to share files. I tried using the Android App 'ES File Explorer' to connect to the computer but I think I have it all boogered up by now. The ES File Explorer shows the computer IP and then asks for a 'USER NAME' and 'PASSWORD'. I don't know what, or where, to find these items. What are the settings and things I have to do to the computer to access files. Here is a listing of what I need to know:
    1. USER NAME; What and where to find?
    2. PASSWORD: I do not use one to log onto the computer; or where do I
    find this?
    3. What setting/changes do I have to make on the desktop to get it to
    agree/sync with the Tablet?
    4. Is 'ES FILE EXPLORER' the best app to use for trying to do this?

    Any other suggestions/tips would be appreciated.

    Thank You


  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Go to Control Panel/Users. Add a user with a password. Use that account to connect your tablet to. (Log in with that username and password when you connect the tablet to the computer.) You can share as much or as little as you want on that account, it can be an admiinistrative account or a regular account.

    (Go to whatever you want to share with the tablet, right click on it - a drive, a folder, whatever - you can even share single files), and go to Sharing. Enable it and any device that can connect to a device on your network, and has the login and password, can get to the shared resource.

    Since my network is fairly well secured, I just have all my drives shared. That way my phone can get to anything. So can my wife, from her laptop.
  3. leppy99

    leppy99 New Member

    Thanks for the suggestions/advice; I stumbled on the same solution somehow and got it working-I unlocked the 'Guest' account on the computer and I guess that did it. Along with setting the 'share' properties of any folder I wanted to see on the tablet. I think I have my wireless security set up OK but I could use any suggestions on security settings that are probably better than mine.



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