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  1. dg92104

    dg92104 Well-Known Member

    Just upgraded from GS to GS3 and find that it's not syncing correctly. The user manual says:

    1. From the Home screen, touch Menu, then select
    Settings ➔ Accounts and sync.
    2. Touch Accounts and sync to enable or disable
    the setting.

    I do not get the Accounts and sync. menu option, only an Accounts section consisting of Google, Backup Assistant Plus and Add account. Neither my calendar nor my regular (non-gmail) email are syncing on their own. I can force email to sync by using K-9s menu to Check Mail but have to do that each time.

    My GS did all that on its own.

    Anyone know how to fix it?

  2. iTzKPanda

    iTzKPanda AF's resident panda

    Do you have auto-sync turned on?
  3. dg92104

    dg92104 Well-Known Member

    No. that's my problem: I can't find a way to turn auto-sync on.
  4. iTzKPanda

    iTzKPanda AF's resident panda

    In the notification menu (pull down the status bar), there should be a toggle called "sync".

    And, if you click the google account, I think there should be an option to sync your account (or multiple accounts).
  5. dg92104

    dg92104 Well-Known Member

    The "sync" on the Notification menu just does a one time sync, not auto-sync setup.

    When I click the google account, there is only the option to sync my gmail account. There is "Sync all" option but like the sync toggle above it doesn't set up auto-sync.
  6. MasterCylinder

    MasterCylinder Well-Known Member

    Hey dg92104,

    It has been quite confounding to sort out the tangled web of backup/sync systems on my Verizon SGS3 that I bought 2 months ago. I've asked Samsung, Verizon and Best Buy Mobile, and called Best Buy tech support, and none of them could tell me what was going on.

    You don't mention it in your posts or profile but I am guessing your carrier is Verizon? I'm guessing because I believe Backup Assistant Plus is a Verizon app and you have 500 mg of space on Verizon servers. (I say "I believe" because this is what the Verizon employee told me, but he was so perplexed by my inquiry that I have to qualify it.) The "Documents" that are backed up with BAP are only the Documents folder on the sdcard. Same for S Memo. I found an attachment from my email program saved online. If you press the menu button while in the Setup BAP section, you can access what has been saved, which seems to be only stuff on the sdcard, though I don't have Pictures and Music etc selected to backup. There is an option under "Account Settings" for "Allowed Applications" but the Modify option is greyed out and I can't see anyway to adjust this. I cannot see that this program is providing anything of use, except it may be backing up my contacts somewhere. The date for last back up of contacts is 1 week ago, though there is a manual back up button there.

    Then there is the "Back up and reset" selection under the Personal section of Settings. This claims to "Backup app data, Wi-Fi passwords, and other settings to Google servers." If I deselect the check mark, it wants to erase the data that has been saved. My Gmail address is used, but there is no indication if anything has ever been backed up here. (Maybe this is related to the "Google" account below?)

    Then there is "Email" under accounts. This claims to sync email and allows for configuration of syncing based on time, peak hours, etc ... I'm assuming it's only related to updating my inbox on my phone.

    Then there is "Google" under Accounts. Using my Gmail address, it claims to sync App Data, Calendar, Chrome, Contacts, Gmail, along with 9 other things. The date shows today's date as the last sync date, though I have no idea where this is going.

    Then I have "Samsung Account" under Accounts. This uses my other email address (as does BAP) and claims to sync Calendar, Contacts, Internet and S Memo, all with today's date as last synced. (I am currently not able to log into my "Profile" through the phone for some reason.) I have not been able to find anything saved on my Samsung account logging in through my computer and browser.

    I also can sync manually from some apps - in S Memo I can do a sync and see it show up on Google Drive. However, with the stock Calendar app I synced it but it didn't show up on Google Drive, so I don't know where that's going.

    I have synced with the Kies PC host program and have been able to back up and restore. S Memo files.

    I did an online chat with Samsung support but that was pretty much a waste of time, as the person was apparently unable to understand me and I sure was unable to understand them. They did seem to say that the data could only be retrieved if I changed phones. I have not called Verizon Tech support, which would be the last effort from any so-called official source.

    That's what I've been able to figure out so far. :confused:

    Also, how did you conclude that the Sync toggle in notifications is a "one time" sync? I have no idea what that toggle relates to. Edit: I just figured out that this toggle enables Settings>Data Usage, then Menu Button and "Auto sync data" is selected or deselected. I am still not sure what this means.

    The manual that was delivered to me through the Samsung website has a number of things that don't coincide to my device. Perhaps it doesn't take into account Jelly Bean.

    I have found these tools to be ridiculously confusing. Only with Kies do I know what is going on, though that's all manual.

    And, what country are you in?

    Update: The following thread has info pertaining to this thread. Claims are being made there about what does what but I'm still not seeing the evidence of these claims yet.
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  7. dg92104

    dg92104 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mastercylinder. I'm in USA (San Diego, CA). We apparently have somewhat different setups. I have no "Email" under Accounts. Hmmm, I wonder if that should tell me something, like maybe I should uninstall my email app (K-9) and re-install. The salesperson at Costco where I bought it set up the email account for me and maybe missed something. I'll give that a try tomorrow morning.
  8. MasterCylinder

    MasterCylinder Well-Known Member

    Ah! A unified inbox! I just took a look at the website and saw they have a manual online, though it is a work in progress and very limited. I noticed that under Settings Folder that there is supposed to be a Fetch section? This seems to be how to configure the sync. Is this true?

    They have a support forum and your question might be answered there, or you could ask it.

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