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  1. LenaHa

    LenaHa New Member

    I have a problem with the default option for ringtone, notification and alarm ringtones. When i try to change them it shows me only the deafult ringtones and not my songs. I can't find a solution so i think of doing a settings reset (not Factory Reset) but i want to know if my SMS wil be deleted. Please someone answer me.

  2. ramjai2007

    ramjai2007 Member


    The Reset settings won't delete your messages, instead it'll reset all your custom settings such as ur display settings, sound settings wifi connectivity settings etc to its default system settings. For custom ringtones many apps available in google store such as rings extended, or ur custom file explorer could do this job. hope this would help. cheers!!!
  3. ganeshv

    ganeshv New Member


    I have the same problem with my Live With Walkman. The mobile is always playing the default ring tone, whichever music you select from the music library as phone's ring tone. I already did settings reset and it did not help.
    Please help ASAP.

  4. ramjai2007

    ramjai2007 Member

    Please check previous post b4 posting.

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