Setup VNC on broken screen Android?

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  1. serpentxx

    serpentxx New Member

    Hey all,

    I have an old HTC Magic from Vodafone Australia (2009) sitting in my draw with a broken screen.

    I have read alot of articles about using old android phones for things like web servers or flash drives and wouldn't mind re purposing it

    The problem being that i cant do anything with the phone due to the broken screen so my question is:

    Is there any way to install VNC/Remote Desktop or SSH/Telnet onto my phone without using the touchscreen?

    Thanks for the help in advanced guys :)

  2. serpentxx

    serpentxx New Member

    This thread can be disregarded, i unfortunately broke a few ribbon cables while trying to get it out of its case (the screws were oxodised)

    its broken but i don't care it was just sitting in a draw :p

    Thanks anyway!

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