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  1. PedroUK

    PedroUK Member

    I have an 2-year old GS2 I9100, with Android 4.0.4 since July 2012. It was purchased in the UK sim-free.

    My Apps (not Home) screens have recently increased from 5 to 7 inexplicably and several are now half empty. Is there any way of consolidating the Apps onto fewer screens?

    I've tried but am unable to move Apps to another App screen (as is allowed in Home screens).

    Any suggestions will be appreciated.

    Thanks, Pedro

  2. kelis32

    kelis32 Well-Known Member


    Im not too sure on ICS but when in the app menu if you press the menu button you should be given the option to edit, you can then drag the apps and place them on the screen you wish them to be on. You should also be able to remove the empty screens from there as well
  3. PedroUK

    PedroUK Member

    Unfortunately, having already tried the Menu/Edit option, it only allows to add page or add folder but does not allow apps to be moved from one screen to another screen. Neither does it allow screens to be removed.
    Assuming max 16 icons per screen, 1=14, 2=11, 3=6, 4=4, 5=14, 6=15, 7=7 for a total of 71 app icons which should only take 4 1/2 screens.

    Thanks anyway.
  4. kelis32

    kelis32 Well-Known Member

    Maybe try a 3rd party launcher then
  5. SandLake

    SandLake Active Member

    Appzorter sorts them alphabetically
  6. vosg

    vosg Well-Known Member

    Install Nova launcher, it's sooo much better than the stock touchwiz launcher.
    The free version will do just fine.
  7. PedroUK

    PedroUK Member

    Thanks Vosg,
    Great minds think alike. I found and installed Nova two days ago. Having got my head round it, I find it really good and it does all I want.
    Best regards
  8. Beanz08

    Beanz08 Member

    To late now as you have it sorted but the method mentioned in #2 does work. If you press Menu-Edit then your icons will have a - next to them for removing but also if you hold down an apps icon you are able to move it around the page or to another one. I'd imagine that once you've emptied a page it just wouldn't show up then.
  9. PedroUK

    PedroUK Member

    Thx. I will note for the future. However, I doubt I'll go back to the stock apps launcher as I have found Nova so much more flexible and more easy to use in every respect.

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