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Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by Forked Tongue 79, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. Greetings,

    I'm a new user to the Android OS System, bought the HTC Desire HD several days ago. and I have a couple of inquiries that I would appreciated and answer for if you please.

    1. On the iPhone there is an App called "Whistle" this enables you to make phone calls over IP "VoIP". I understand that on the android we are able to use Google Talk / Voice. However I'm not in the states thus the function does not work in my country. Therefore is there any other alternatives for such App ?

    2. I know that on the HTC Desire HD I can flip the phone upside down to go to Silent Mode. That might scratch the screen let alone i wont feel good flipping my new phone on a table. are there any special apps that can provide such function without flipping the phone ?

    3. I know that Google Goggles is used to Scan Square Bar Codes known as the "QR Code". My question is, Is this the only function Google Goggles can do ? and what websites have implemented this code for "Trying Purposes".

    4. Last but not least. Is there an App that can let me surf the net "anonymously", because over here almost everything is blocked unfortunately.

    Many thanks and appreciation in advance.

    Kind regards,
    Forked Tongue.


  2. CptGemini

    CptGemini Well-Known Member

    As far as question number 2 goes just hold the power button in long enough and you can press the silent option that is the first one.
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  3. On the HTC Desire HD if I keep holding the Power button I get a pop up that gives me only 3 options (( Power off / Airplane Mode / Restart )).

    There is no Silent mode. but thanks for your reply "CptGemini".
  4. Ozymandias88

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    Apr 29, 2010
    Aerospace Engineering Student
    Sheffield, UK
    There is an app called WidgetLocker that will allow you to customise your lockscreen. You could replace the HTC sense slider with the stock android one which has a silent/non-silent slider. Or you could just add a new slider to silence the phone.

    (You could also just hold down the volume rocker on the side of the phone until it's silent, if it has one.)

    Google goggles can do all sorts, I think it usually tells you when you first run the app. You can take pictures of landmarks and it will try to identify them, you can take a picture of text and it can translate it or just let you copy and paste it etc. I had some friends on holiday in new york. They took a picture of themselves next to a painting. I used google goggles and it told me the painting was in the Gershwin Hotel in new york. They then got very confused about how I knew where they were. You can also take pictures of products like DVDs, Books, etc.. and it will look them up and I believe you can search for them through google shopping.

    Hope this helps.
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  5. Great, I will try this app, and indeed it does have a Volume Rocker guess that is another option as well.

    lol @ Painting... Very interesting ! I did not know that. I thought it was only for Bar Codes. After reading what you said i went and grabbed my GT5 Cover and took a pic it recognized it ! Very interesting.

    Thank you "Ozymandias88" for your reply it is indeed appreciated.
  6. Rokcet Scientist


    Nov 24, 2010
    Try Skype. In the market.

    You already got some suggestions. Here's another one: protect your HTC Desire with one of those (rubber or other material) bumper cases. If you then flip your phone upside down (e.g. on a table) the screen will not touch the table surface because it is removed from it by the 2 millimeters of the edge of the bumper case.

    Not an app, afaik. Just surf to this free proxy list, select one, enter the URL of the website you want to go to, and hit 'Enter'.
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  7. I don't know if i'm not doing this correctly. But i typed "Skype" in Search under Market and there was no Skype. and when i looked for it on the net it was there but it was not free.

    I'm looking for a free VoIP calling app. just like Whistle Phone that creates a phone number for my phone and i can simply call any mobile i want.

    I would love to use Google Voice. in order to call my brother in the states. but unfortunately Google Voice is not available for us here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

    Yes indeed, I'm just waiting for the dealer here to get some bumpers. if not ill just order from the net.

    That is true, but unfortunately even the link you provided is "Blocked". so it is not use-able for me here.

    Thanks "Rokcet Scientist" for your reply. Much appreciated.
  8. cobra46

    cobra46 Member

    May 12, 2010
    Forked Tongue,

    I had to do a double take. I use the exact same picture in your avitar as my Facebook profile picture.

    Being in Saudi do you know the origins of that picture?


  9. Indeed Sir I do, it is the Logo of the Mustang Cobra. I own a Mustang GT500 SHELBY 2009.

    May I know why do you ask sir ?
  10. cobra46

    cobra46 Member

    May 12, 2010
    U my friend have one sweet ride. My screen name gives away mine. Was that a difficult car to acquire over there?

    For the others - Sorry we have gone off topic.
  11. {Apologies for the Android Forums Admins}

    Thank you Sir, Indeed it is my dream car.

    I noticed that you own a Mustang after reading your screen name, Cobras are sweet rides as well :)

    Well Unfortunately we do not have the main Ford dealer here, so the one in charge of Ford vehicles here raises the prices over the roof...

    So the Mustang GT is sold here for SHELBY money. Therefore the SHELBY is sold for USD 75,000... wish ford could do something about it.

    So i had to wait until the 2010 model came out because i didn't like how it looked from behind, thus reducing the price of the older 2009 model to USD 49,000. which is the price for the new one in the states lol but life isn't fair :)

    If you are interested we can take this off line to a "Dedicated" mustang forums so we can exchange pics and videos of our beasts :)
  12. Rokcet Scientist


    Nov 24, 2010
    Remarkable...! I also just typed "Skype" in Search under Market and there was Skype at the top of the list! And free too... :thinking:
    As if someone overthere is jerking you around or somethin'...
  13. kat3k

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    Sep 12, 2010
    With no intention to be rude, I must say I am very amused, after hearing you guys talk about high end cars, that you do not want to pay for Skype (a money-saver to boot). After years of paying for PC and WinMobile apps, I am more than delighted to pay around a buck for great apps that I use ever day. Just sayin.
  14. mc48

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    Jan 17, 2010
    so. east, usa
    FT, I have an HTC phone as well (Eris). what may or may not be helpful to you in silencing the ringer is on my phone is there is a setting (setting>sound and display>check box-quiet ring on pickup). This reduces the volume of the ringer significantly once you pick it up or move it.

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