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  1. Muk

    Muk Member

    My wife's phone is draining her battery from 100% to almost dead in literally 45 minutes to an hour. I shut down the phone and installed a new fully charged battery, same thing! This is without even using the phone. She has like nothing installed on the phone (besides Angry Birds) so it can't be a rogue app killing it that fast! What do you think?

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  2. Kmfiremedic111

    Kmfiremedic111 Well-Known Member

    I have same problem, just not as bad though. My phone might not be holding a charge. I actually have to take it to sprint and have them look at it. Also my PRL was out of date and my phone spent 50% of the time with out signal which ate up battery.
  3. psiphi

    psiphi Member

    Try putting phone in airplane mode with a full charge and see what happens... Try uninstalling apps that run in background (Weather Programs and such)... Turn off any live wallpapers... Turn off any task killers... See what happens...

    My phone can go at least 8 hours if not more easily...
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  4. Kmfiremedic111

    Kmfiremedic111 Well-Known Member

    I uninstalled the task killers, toggles the airplane mode and the Time Without Signal went to 0%!!!
  5. Wafflebird

    Wafflebird New Member

    OK, same problem here although not quite this severe. What I have fouind is that if you go into the Settings/About Phone/Battery use/you will see the list of programs that have been using your battery.

    I downloaded the Adobe Reader for my phone, as you have to have this now in this day and age. Once I view an Adobe file the battery drain starts. I can not get it to stop no matter what I do, I have clered the cache in the adobe program (Settings/About phone/Applications/Manage Applications/Adobe/Clear Cache and Force Quit under the same menu) forced quit Adobe everything to no avail. The Advanced task Killer does not work either.

    I have uninstalled Adobe and re-installed it thinking that it was just maybe a botched down-load. Same thing.

    Check to see if this could be the cause. I am not sure what the cure is as we have to use Adobe but anyway juat trying to help you out here.
  6. For out of service areas.. Put it in airplane mode or else it will just keep data roaming regardless of whether it is on standby or not. Also get "Battery Booster" on the marketplace. It has default which will tell your phone to turn off wifi and bluetooth when not in use. And will also give beep tones when the battery level goes below the level of your choice.
    Hope this helped.
  7. needurhelp

    needurhelp New Member

    Hey Plz can someone always help i have problem with my sony ericsson xperia s i buy it 2days ago and but my battery dont les long like in 4hours die and my display always say 77% can plz someone help me and tell me what 2 do by step thank you so much

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