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  1. maro1977

    maro1977 New Member

    HI, I am using Modaco r12 version... and I have a problem when I try to make a call... as soon as I stick the phone to my ear... the screen goes black and I can not do anything i.e. disconnect the call... I have to wait until call is finished and someone disconnect himself... then screen comes back. Factory reset did not help. Does anyone know how to fix this? Or maybe three is better ROM to install that r12??

  2. fireislander

    fireislander Member

    my best guess is you have an issue with your proximity sensor. It may be the rom (i have no experience with r12). you may want to flash a different rom or go back to stock and see if the proximity sensor works then. If not i would bring it back to the store and see what they have to say
  3. maro1977

    maro1977 New Member

    I have tried different ROM... still had the same problem, well it was even worst... so I started reading about proximity sensor as you suggested and I found:

    I give it a try... plus I did calibrate (additional option next to testing)... then a message 'proximity sensor OK' appeared just for a while and it works now!... although this soft still is saying proximity sensor fail on this page. I hope this will help someone who has experienced similar issue, too.
  4. fantomv50

    fantomv50 Member

    Wife's got the san francisco phone and The screen timeout is set very low like 30 seconds etc and thats still kicking in when on a phone call.

    so screen goes off until you press power button again
  5. Conor Calby

    Conor Calby Member

    Yea, as said above. It does it to me as well, when you want to hangup, press the home key, or the power key and it should come back to life :p
  6. istacey

    istacey New Member

    i've had this same problem since rooting and installing CyanogenMod 7. I didn't notice it at first, maybe because I don't really make that many calls, but when I did need to it quickly became annoying. I had to pull the battery at the end of every call.

    I've tried various different Cyanogen ROMs, with the most recent nightly (CM7 Build #120) running at the moment and I still experience this.

    Is this something that will be fixed in Cyanogen 7.1?


  7. Vorbis

    Vorbis Well-Known Member

    I've tried CyanogenMod 7 nighlies 105, 113 and currently 104 (pre-battery drain nightly). I've not had issues with my proximity sensor (yet).

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