SG3 or SG4 for early upgrade on Sprint

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  1. mookie800

    mookie800 Member

    I am wondering should I go ahead do my early upgrade with Sprint or should I wait for the SG4. Please let me know what you would do.

  2. BigJoeC

    BigJoeC New Member

    This is a great question. I am wondering the same thing. I can Upgrade in May. That's about when the SG4 is available. THey also have the SG4 mini and active. I don't like how huge the SG3 is.
  3. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    We don't know much about the S4, and even less about the S4 Mini. Remember that the S3 Mini was not a scaled down S3, but a much less powerful and older tech handset with S3-like styling, so we really don't know what the S4 mini will be.

    Right now there are a few announcements due soon, so I'd personally wait a little if you are going to be locked in for a couple of years. But that's just me.

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