sg3 vs htc xl?

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  1. nebler

    nebler Well-Known Member

    Which phone comes out on top, particularly battery life?

    Or what about the HTC one x?

  2. oNOVAo

    oNOVAo Active Member

    Battery life the s3 is better if looking at the one x you should consider the one x + as is better version
  3. nebler

    nebler Well-Known Member

    Cool thanks

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  4. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

    Any device with no SD slot means nope to me. I have an iPad 3, but it has 59gb for storage.
  5. Terry51

    Terry51 Well-Known Member

    Also remember the s3 has a removable battery and expanderble memory, the HTC 1x does not have ether so if it crashes your kind of stuck when comes to resetting it.
  6. nebler

    nebler Well-Known Member

    Storage isn't a concern as I never get anywhere near my limit on my 16gig s3
  7. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

  8. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Thread moved to Device Comp forum. Thanks SU. ;)
  9. nebler

    nebler Well-Known Member


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