SGH-T759 stock rom?

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  1. Camaro305

    Camaro305 New Member

    I rooted my Exhibit 4G and removed some apps (I guess one too many). I lost all system sounds. I decided to do a factory reset to try to fix this, and it seems to have made things worse. Now when I try to download from the market, I get "process(dot)android(dot)media" errors. I think I need to go back to stock. Problem is, I can't find a stock rom. Can anyone help, please???

  2. quixotic1

    quixotic1 Member

    Hey camaro305,

    I think I ran across your post in another forum somewhere last week. I'm terribly sorry you've had this happen. I've tried to create a backup of my rom using ClockworkMod, but as far as I can tell, this phone isn't yet supported. So... as far as I can tell, there's no way to create a backup of the stock ROM.

    I'm very new to the whole root thing - as this phone is my first Android... But, the way I read it, unless we can find the ROM from Samsung, I don't think anything will fix your issue too readily.

    But, I do wonder... what did you use to delete your programs... and do you know which ones you deleted? Perhaps, and this is a w-a-g, but if you used TitaniumBackup or something, and know which files you deleted, then maybe someone can send you those files for you to restore. I dunno if works that way or not... but that's a thought. The only one I have...

    If you have or do find a ROM, or a solution to your problem, I sure would like to know about it... Please post back here and let us know!

    Best of luck...

  3. clay21

    clay21 New Member

    Follow the below thread, it might help you like it helped me.
  4. johnmedina

    johnmedina New Member

    i had a question,im trying to add Clockwork-mod to my Samsung exhibit t759 but have no idea how to install it can you help me please?" thank-you.
  5. alabiabdala

    alabiabdala New Member

    hello .need flash file for this phone Samsung exhibit t759
    thx for helper
  6. rekamyenom

    rekamyenom New Member

    Is there a Custom Recovery for the T759 (TWRP or CWM)?

    A Custom ROM ??

    Anything? I have searched high and low. Been up all night looking and nothing.

    Any help?

  7. madman29729

    madman29729 New Member

    only custom rom that i have found is AreaRomX

    h ttp:// androidarea51 . com/(rom)(arearomx)samsung-exhibit-4g/(rom)-arearomx-v1-0/

    remove the space between the h & t at the begining ant the 2 spaces in 1 . com
  8. geofferey

    geofferey Well-Known Member

    This phone has pretty much been dead since day one from a DEV point of view IMHO. I am trying to change that but I have very limited knowledge on developing ANYTHING :eek:. I do believe however that a CWM or CWM based recovery could be developed for this device in a short period of time if somebody really wanted to take it up. I've been brainstorming quite a bit and have come up with some ideas regarding 2nd init recovery. If anybody has EVER developed a CWM based recovery or a 2nd init recovery please shoot me a PM.

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