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  1. Mike Moriarty

    Mike Moriarty Member

    Purchased SGP 4.2 to dip my toe into the Android world, and having a weird problem.

    I put in an external media card and downloaded my mp3 and playlist files from my PC.

    I use the pre-loaded music player app to listen to my playlists, and it works pretty well. I then use the Active Applications widget to exit out of the music app.

    5 or 15 minutes later, with the player sitting on my desk, nobody near it, it will start playing a random song. :confused::confused::confused:

    Help an old guy out! [​IMG]

  2. Mike Moriarty

    Mike Moriarty Member

    I think I figured it out, it was the stock headphones. If I unplug them, the music player appears to stay off now.

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