SGS 2-could it work on c-spires network??Support

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  1. dave_c0ulier

    dave_c0ulier New Member

    I am currently in London and very interested in getting the Samsung galaxy s2. Does anyone know if it would or could work on C-spire's network. I believe this phone has a sim card but not sure.


  2. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    Hi Dave,

    I'm not familiar with C-spire but you're correct that the UK GS2 uses a SIM card.
  3. bmagsipoc

    bmagsipoc Member

    Not sure about the international versions of the GS2. However I know C Spire will be getting their own version of the GS2 in the near future and that version, like the rest of the phones on their network, will not use a sim card.

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