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  1. paarun

    paarun Member

    Hi All..I just returned home after enquiring price of SGS in few mobile stores in HSR and Outer Ring Road. The shops I checked are Univercell, Sangeetha, Mobile Store, etc. All of them quote the price as 29000 incl. of taxes.

    I saw earlier that people in Bangalore have bought it for 27.5K in Akshar Telecom. What is the exact price of SGS and is it available for 27.5K in any shop around Koramangala, HSR, ORR? I could not go till Akshar Telecom as it is far. Any advise would be of great help. Thanks.

  2. talktoanil

    talktoanil Well-Known Member

    27-28K approx
  3. paarun

    paarun Member

    planning to get mine today. anybody knows of a shop which sells it for 27.5k in and around koramangala, hsr, orr? thanks.
  4. arvindm

    arvindm Member

    You should never buy from these big shops for this exact same reason. Their overheads are always high and therefore charge that much more. I bought mine for 27.5k at Akshar's Telecom. I believe it's around the same price in Channel 9 as well.
  5. paarun

    paarun Member

    hey arvind, i guess you have been using your SGS for more than a week now. How do you feel the phone is, i can see many complain about lag and gps issues.

    one more thing, where is akshar telecom and channel 9? Also, did you pay by cash or card?
  6. paarun

    paarun Member

    can anybody in bangalore help please?
  7. ziska

    ziska New Member

    I think you should change the title of the thread to make it more India specific.

    I have bought SGS from Venkateshwara Enterprises at 27.5K (cash). The store is on Marathhalli Ring Road opposite to Intel. You should be able to find the contact details from justdial else PM me.
  8. chandyguy

    chandyguy New Member

    I was watching some technoholik show on ETnow. They mentioned that it's awesome phone and you can get it for 25K.

    I'm interested in buying it so can someone tell me where I can buy it in Bangalore for this price?

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