SGS(UK Orange, GT-I9000) Wifi weak signal after 2.1 -> 2.2Support

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  1. farflungfish

    farflungfish Member


    i've noticed nothing directly related to cupcake to froyo having major problems with wifi.

    Before my upgrade to 2.2, which was done by a samsung service centre (because i have had bad experiences they kindly did it for me), I had a perfectly strong wifi signal and I could even get access from a couple hundred meters away at a local shop.

    Now I am 2.2 - utterly pathetic weak signal.

    Phoned Samsung to get them to downgrade or tell me how; they said it wasn't possible. Also they could not give me an answer as to when it would be updated to fix this problem.

    Im at a complete loss, tried everything with my router (which, frankly, is not the problem). Even standing next to the damn thing is 2 bars!!!

    Im happy to go back to 2.1, I have had nothing but problems with 2.2 - the adobe flash usage is beyond terrible, and that was the only impulse.

    Any help, I would very much appreciate.


    THE ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Lots of people are having an issue with Wifi after upgrading to 2.2.

    Is your routers security WEP?
  3. farflungfish

    farflungfish Member

    Im not changing my perfect settings on a completely seperate piece of hardware when it worked perfectly before.

    My phone is slower, runs hotter, battery life is 2 hours of medium use, no wifi, barely get mobile data. All because of this crap update. Now sumsung tell me i cannot downgrade... Amazing. Screw android, google and samsung - they have created a **** child.

    The second my contract is up, im going for an iPhone.

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