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SGS1 Internal Memmory problemSupport

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  1. Exzizer

    Exzizer New Member

    I have a rooted, MIUI(ICS) SGS1.
    I have only an internal 16gb sd card and it has 2 partiotions: Internal memory and external memmory. The internal memmory contains 1.87gb and the rest is in the external memmory. The problem is that i have installed apps only up to 400mb, and even used App2SD but still it says i have "Not enough space on internal memmory" to install more or sometimes even update the existing.
    My file manager, Wifi file manager and the App MGR III all say that i have about 1.48gb of free space. I have toconstantly clear my cache every 4 days in order for the phone to function normally, because if i dont clear the cache or install another app every living proccess starts to die, even background proccesses you cant close through the Task killer start to crash and any app i open closes instantly.

    I Have tried to create a partition(512MB) through the CWM and use the Link2SD app but instead it redused my internal memmory to 480mb and the external remained the same(i think)-14.6GB.

    Dont know what to do.. Please help!:s::s:

  2. Rash

    Rash Well-Known Member

    I remember having same problems with most ICS custom roms..
    Flash this zip file in cwm recovery & it will fix low data storage problem/notification..
    (Sorry first download file from my dropbox, place in your sdcard using usb & then flash.. Make sure you do a nandroid backup first)


    # sent from a blazing slim SGSi9000 using tapatalk 2 #
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  3. Exzizer

    Exzizer New Member

    Thanks man, i'll keep that bookmarked and will try it when the 480mb wont be enough, but for now i'm fine. I'll avoid anymore systematic changes in my phone for now.
    p.s. is a nandroid backup better than say, Titanium backup?

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