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  1. Unintelligible

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    May 6, 2011
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    Hi all,

    So I recently flashed my AT&T SGS2 Skyrocket back to a stock 2.3.5 ROM I downloaded off the net (that's probably my first problem.) My phone downloads the 2.3.6 update, but I keep getting an "update is failed" message once it the update starts and gets to the 25% preparing progress mark. (I've done this dance more times than I'm proud of :D ) Then the phone reboots and I get the "Install Interrupted - The software update could not be installed at this time" message.

    I know there was an issue initially with the 2.3.6 update failing, what am I doing wrong?

    -Unintelligent noob :dancing2:

  2. redrider67

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    Feb 18, 2011
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    Flashing back to that ROM for 2.3.5 will cause the 2.3.6 update to fail every time.

    Few options you have see if you have an AT&T Device Support Center near you and have them flash there version of 2.3.5 and it should update to 2.3.6.

    I did the same thing, went to AT&T they flashed it and mine still failed. AT&T ended up sending me a new Skyrocket with 2.3.6 already in stalled just got it yesterday.


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