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  1. copyraghta

    copyraghta New Member

    Hello, guys.
    I've got a problem here.
    I've a Milestone 2 running Android 2.3 and a tablet Asus Transformer TF101 Wi-Fi.
    I'd like use ML2 as 3G router in order to access intert in tablet, since it doesn't have native 3G.
    Until there, everything is OK. I alredy used ML2 as wireless router on my notebook normally.
    But, when I try to connect the tablet into WLAN provided by ML2, connection appears as normal, but I can't navigate. Same setting tablet IP as static, according to routing specifications in ML2, navigation is not working.

    If someone has gone through the same situation or can help me, I'd be grateful.

  2. copyraghta

    copyraghta New Member

    Looking for on internet, I've found other users with same problem. It looks like a internet opperator configuration problem. So, there are on Google Play some app able to fix it. I've tryed the Wireles Theater for Root User and it worked perfectlly, solving my problem, since the native MotoLoka 3G access point doesn't work!

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