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  1. mrcharlesiv

    mrcharlesiv Active Member

  2. Taterus Maximus

    Taterus Maximus Well-Known Member

    Finally got everything the way I want it, for now. Does anyone know if there's a good text widget out there (not a fan of the HTC one, using Handcent for now).
  3. ndp506

    ndp506 Active Member

    ok this is probably a stupid question... for some reason i cannot figure out how to remove the image i have as my lockscreen... i'm trying to make it "clear" and replace with one from the pre-kitchen but every one i install from kitchen, it just installs over the image i have on there. i tried going thru menu > wallpaper > lock screen, but there isn't an option to delete pic... any help?! thanks!
  4. ccapasso

    ccapasso Well-Known Member

    Have you tried using the remove cached lockscreen option in kitchen?
  5. DanielWalker

    DanielWalker Well-Known Member

    I really like the Xbox icons, where does everyone come up with them?
  6. Taterus Maximus

    Taterus Maximus Well-Known Member

    I got them as a free icon pack on the market. The 360 icons are AppsOrganizer folders.
  7. dmm5157

    dmm5157 Well-Known Member

    Indeed, I did the same thing for mine. There are tons of free icon packs to chose from on the market. AppManager can recognize them so you can customize your folders.

    BetterCuts also works with the icon packs.
  8. ndp506

    ndp506 Active Member

    wow, thanks, completely forgot that was a feature on the kitchen! worked like a charm!!
  9. You guys that are creating your own clear lockscreens. How exactly does that work? Are you using a transparent png file? I want to create one with a Virginia Tech logo.
  10. DFRESH

    DFRESH Well-Known Member


    I got an issue with wallpapers for home as of right now...

    before I was able to stretch out the arrows and now i cant....any of you have had the same problem as me?
  11. rockcrawler

    rockcrawler Well-Known Member

    You can only stretch to the exteme's of the picture, and must maintain the aspect ratio. In the third picture, you have maxed out the vertical extreme, so it will go no further.
  12. DFRESH

    DFRESH Well-Known Member

    well..i turned off the phone and turned it back's back to normal.........WEIRD!

    that's my 1st issue with the htc hero LOL
  13. ccapasso

    ccapasso Well-Known Member

    Yes, you use transparent png files. I'm going to try and write up a tutorial sometime on it, but haven't had the time yet.
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  14. Taterus Maximus

    Taterus Maximus Well-Known Member

    When you do you will probably become the most popular person in the CDMA Hero threads
  15. ccapasso

    ccapasso Well-Known Member

    You mean I'm not already? ;)

    ...Damn :)

    ...J/K....Looking forward to creating it and helping others to learn and share their knowledge/experience.
  16. Taterus Maximus

    Taterus Maximus Well-Known Member

    We'll need a new sub-forum just for user created lockscreens
  17. ccapasso

    ccapasso Well-Known Member

    Actually was going to suggest that after I create the tutorial. It should technically go in the rooted section, but we'll see.

    More to come when I get time :)
  18. chino0131

    chino0131 Active Member

    Can you please let me know which apps you're using for your wifi, bluetooth, gps, and mobile toggle switches? I may not be searching correctly, but I cannot find the ones you have.

    P.S. Thanks for starting this thread. After seeing all of these rooted homescreens, Im rooting my Hero tonite!
  19. Taterus Maximus

    Taterus Maximus Well-Known Member

    Add>HTC Widget>Settings
  20. chino0131

    chino0131 Active Member

    Thanks! Man, do I feel stupid. Still learning all there is to know with this phone. Loving every minute of it though! Thanks again!
  21. A tutorial would be awesome! Looking forward to it. I need to find some more time to start doing some development myself.
  22. ccapasso

    ccapasso Well-Known Member

  23. stevedave

    stevedave Well-Known Member

    So after looking through this entire thread I'm loving the look of FreshRom. I would like to root but all the walkthroughs of it look like they are from windows, I'm on a Macbook. Just wondering how difficult it is to do. Also wondering how easy it is to go back to stock for when 2.1 comes.
  24. jersey221

    jersey221 Well-Known Member

    why would you want to go back to stock when 2.1 comes out when the devs will have new roms out based on 2.1?
  25. rockcrawler

    rockcrawler Well-Known Member

    Here is a Guide for rooting on a Mac:

    Rooting CDMA Hero [Mac] - xda-developers

    Let us know if you get stuck, someone will be able to help you through.

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