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  1. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    My brother just bought this phone....,

    i was so surprised inspite of being out of stock phone has no forum updates

    Please share your experience whatever it is..... rooting ,cwm , roms , battery life , tweaks , first impressions anything u like :)

  2. jamadagni

    jamadagni New Member

    I am a proud owner of SE Neo V since ten days and I'm pretty pleased as punch with it and I am happy I made the correct decision for my very first Android phone. :)
  3. Bee Hong

    Bee Hong New Member

    I just bought this Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V and would appreacite if who are now using this smart phone can teach me how to let the alarm working. I have follow the steps but still not working. My phone is off during night time.

  4. geniusash

    geniusash New Member

    Awesome...but battery drains out pretty fast :(
  5. jurusu

    jurusu New Member

    there is an update of firmware from sony.
    i think power management improved.
  6. chok8853

    chok8853 Member

    how long should I first charge this phone?
  7. Deebu

    Deebu New Member

    I have heard about some rebooting issues with this phone. Can you ppl tell me if you have encountered random reboots on your neo v? i am considering buying this handset and i'm not sure yet if it would be a right decision.
  8. chok8853

    chok8853 Member

    nah, I never experienced rebooting issues, I have this phone for a week now. I have been playing online games and all, but no rebooting, also used the camera for 1 whole day, but no problem, except for the battery which drains fast.
    Even if I'm not using it, it still drains T_T
  9. chok8853

    chok8853 Member

    oh my gosh, I am having this purple fringe whenever I take pictures, do you guys experience it too? How to get rid of this?
  10. singlanhn

    singlanhn Member

    it seems a hardware issue.
    Well its almost a month tht i am using this phone or should i call an art piece. An addictive phone. Some users might have the battery issue, which can be sought with the s/w update. Well there are somethings that could be better.
    -> Though you cant accept much from a 5mp cam, but still my Nokia N82 cam is much batter than this.
    -> the flaps for the usb and hdmi ports are delicate and to be used carefully.
    -> Wish it also has Twitter integration.
  11. nagavydya

    nagavydya Member

    The Bravia Engine is truly awesome and works wonders!!!:cool::cool:
    The display quality of video and photos is simply amazing..

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