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  1. Goldenakin

    Goldenakin Well-Known Member

    Share your awesome screenshots of your Home Launchers, widgets, Keyboard Tweeks, and anything imaginable that brings the cool factor to your phone :D

    To take a screenshot press the lock button + Home button

  2. Goldenakin

    Goldenakin Well-Known Member

    Simplistic kinda guy so i like my home screens with alot of space but still have complete functionality.

    Photo1:Main Home screen with access to app drawer by swiping up (ADW launcher ex)

    Photo2: Helicopter view of all 7 of my home-screens

    Photo3: Contact widget with scrolling contact tiles (Colorize Widget)

    Photo4: Iphone-like messagin with Ics inspired keyboard (Chompsms & Perfect Keyboard pro)

    I'm sure your set-ups are way better than this ;)

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  3. angrybanana500

    angrybanana500 Active Member

    I like mine simple too.

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  4. Goldenakin

    Goldenakin Well-Known Member

    How did you get your status bar like that? does it stay thru the entire system or just on the homescreen
  5. angrybanana500

    angrybanana500 Active Member

    I modified the wifi, battery, and signal images used in the SystemUI.apk. It stays anywhere the statusbar is.
  6. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    I'm using Holo launcher for the ICS look. The clock is Animated Analog clock with the glass pack added. I like the moving second hand. Then there is also Weather Bug for the weather.

    Edit: the car is a picture of a '67 Firebird that I found while surfing the Web. That is my favorite car and model year of that car.
  7. Goldenakin

    Goldenakin Well-Known Member

    Can you do a brief tutorial on it for me? Ive always liked the original black status bar over the LG gray one.

    Were you also able to add a transparent like notification screen also?
  8. Nash Enders

    Nash Enders Well-Known Member

    I'm also using Holo Launcher but with the Jelly Bean wallpaper.


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  9. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    I like the background.
  10. trey3000s

    trey3000s New Member

    how to modify the status bsr
  11. Goldenakin

    Goldenakin Well-Known Member

    I have no clue how to do that but one of the people who posted earlier has some insite
  12. itsedddyyy

    itsedddyyy New Member

    I like mine simple too :)

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  13. alfick3

    alfick3 Well-Known Member

    I don't know if anyone I'd still reading this section of the forum, but here is my latest screenshot:


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