Shared google calendars makes HTC program crach and burn

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  1. xterm

    xterm New Member


    I have one private Google calendar and one shared calendar with write permission. If I choose to sync both calendars the HTC calendar program and widget craches repetedly, making it inpossible to work. It also stops to sync anything from mail to contacts until I remove the shared calendar from the list of those to sync.

    It's realy annoying because I have som shared work calendars and one private for my kid. This makes my HTC pretty worthless as a business phone and as a calendar.

    Have anyone experiences the same problem (I searched this forum and got one similar thread but they talkes about shared calendars with read permissions, that also are public)?

    does HTC have some public bugg reporting channels or something like that?

  2. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    We have shared calendars which are working with no issues using the HTC calendar. My wife did initially have issues with the calendar program crashing, but after wiping the calendar cache she has not had any further issues.
  3. xterm

    xterm New Member


    If I make an entry in the shared calendar from my pc the HTC program craches but syncs data.

    If I make an entry in the shared calendar from my phone the HTC program craches and no data syncs to google calendars

    if I sync my private calendar without any changes made in the shared calendar the HTC program survives...

    I have tried to clear the "local data" for the calendar program (the cache was already empty and the "empty cache" -button was grayed out)

    Is it just me that have thease problem?

    Also, what version of the HTC calendar program do you use? I have version 1.00.0079.61267

    Can you report this to HTC somehow?
  4. bluenova

    bluenova OK Computer VIP Member

    I'm using the same version without issues 1.00.0079.61267. Did you also clear the Calendar Storage data?

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