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Sharing experience of Xperia Mini Pro(SK17i)General

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  1. mansaw

    mansaw Well-Known Member

    Hi All,

    Can anybody share their experience of Xperia Mini Pro(SK17i) model?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. pampanaonline

    pampanaonline New Member

    It is an excellent phone. I just bought it yesterday. I couldn't keep my hands off for a minute.

    Only problem I am facing is, I cant send SMS. I will solve it for sure.

    I payed a 100MB size 4 minute HD Video 1080P - This phone played it like a pro. Mobile Bravia Screen, is excellent.

    Android is customized to Sony Ericsson. I still have to get used to it.

    Device is mini, so Using keyboard is slightly uncomfortable. not recommended for people with big fingers.

    Camera - not tried yet.

    voice clarity is amazing.
  3. mansaw

    mansaw Well-Known Member


    How is the built quality? Is it delicate, fragile or a tough one?

    Is the screen size small for documents reading, web browsing? Is it comfortable for viewing?

  4. saugatdb

    saugatdb Member

    Well using it for 1 week now, no major issues detected. Body is quite solid, back, video clarity is good, no issues with me in sending sms. I came from X8 so no issues for me in using a 3" screen
  5. vikaslk

    vikaslk New Member

    The phone supports both double-tap and pinch-to-zoom; so far my browsing experience has been quite decent. Document viewing is fairly okay too.

    3 inches might feel small for those used to larger screens. This is my first Android phone; my last phone was a Nokia 3120 classic. I find the 3" screen good enough to do whatever I require.
  6. mansaw

    mansaw Well-Known Member

    Any more experience to share?

  7. mansaw

    mansaw Well-Known Member

    How is the battery performance in terms of normal use, extensive use?

  8. rico-b

    rico-b New Member

    I have been using the phone for almost 2 weeks (on T-Mobile network in the USA). Generally, I'm happy with the phone. It is a bit thick and bulky, but overall small and portable. I'll mention pros and cons of the phone:

    - touchscreen very responsive, navigation is very smooth
    - physical keyboard is great, tactile feel is just right
    - camera button has a 2-stage press, just like a real digital camera. Half press gets the focus and flash adjusted, and a full press takes the picture. Genius. I never saw this on a phone before, not sure why. This means you don't have to tap the screen to take a picture (and therefore kill your focus).
    - video Skype with front-facing camera works great.
    - photo quality and HD video recording both are good. About equal in quality to iPhone 4. But the Sony has many more options for photography experts (metering, focus mode, exposure, etc).
    - Bluetooth pairing worked perfectly (to my BlueAnt S4)

    - audio quality is disappointing, I'm sorry to say. In normal conversation (not speakerphone), the voice sounds muffled. I tried calling different phones, no difference. Volume is ok, but the other person's voice is a little muffled.
    A previous forum post said the sound is excellent. I don't understand how he reached this conclusion (unless I happen to have a defective phone....but I doubt it).
    - in speakerphone mode, max volume is not quite as loud as I would like. This is especially true while in a Skype call: it's hard to hear the other person unless you are in a quiet room.
    - battery life is somewhat disappointing. Daily charging is required -- and I leave WiFi and 3G off most of the time. If you leave the WiFi on all day (even without actually being connected), the phone will require a recharge by midday. Battery management doesn't come even close to what the iPhone 4 can do.
    - the back cover is INCREDIBLY difficult to remove, for accessing the battery, SIM, and micro SD card. Be very careful, it was designed to fit very tightly.

    That is all. Despite the negatives, the phone is the size I wanted, the processor is fast, it does HD video recording, and basically does all the things a modern smartphone should do, but in a small package. Overall it's a winner.
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  9. mansaw

    mansaw Well-Known Member

    Does the small screen size 3 inches cause strain on eyes while browsing or reading/editing documents? Or is it enough?

  10. rico-b

    rico-b New Member

    I think it's good enough. But I am not a power user. I'll read an occasional news story or sports page on the phone's browser. Editing documents? Never tried it. Probably never will. That's what a laptop is for :)
  11. Loriolus

    Loriolus Well-Known Member

    I was going to get the LG Thrill but decided to skip it and wait for Nexus Prime. Meanwhile I returned the Infuse and got the mini pro to hold me over. My two biggest complains are the wifi and the screen. Wifi will constantly connect and disconnect...it will not stay connected for more than 10 seconds. I started researching for the problem on the net and found out that the previous model suffered from the same issue. This is beyond ridiculous that SE still didn't fix that. Basically WIFI is useless. Also, the screen is still dim even under the brightest setting. "BRAVIA" engine doesn't offer anything over a regular tft screen....in my opinion it's just a gimmick. The rest of the phone is good. As I said, this is a temporary solution until I get Nexus Prime, and I knew what I was getting except the two issues mentioned.
  12. motionxxusxx

    motionxxusxx Well-Known Member

    Just curious. Where did you purchase the mini pro which would work on ATT 3G? You mentioned the lg thrill so I assume you are on ATT.
  13. Loriolus

    Loriolus Well-Known Member

    Yes, I'm on at&t. There's only one place that sells the U.S. version, electronicsshowplace.com
  14. motionxxusxx

    motionxxusxx Well-Known Member

    Actually just noticed j&r will be selling sk17a (which I think is the us version) will be selling it on the 23rd of august. Looks like it is through PDA giant.
  15. Terry1100

    Terry1100 Well-Known Member

    What about the top row of the hardware keyboard - how easy is it to use - is it too close to the screen for normal adult sized fingers ?

  16. Loriolus

    Loriolus Well-Known Member

    I have big fingers and the keyboard is pretty comfortable. The top row is a little close, and a part of my finger does press against the screen but if you adjust your grip slightly it won't be a problem.
  17. jiminee

    jiminee Member

    I can agree with the positive reviews above.

    In response to some of the bad experiences:

    I can normally get 36 hours standby with average 2 calls, 3 hours MP3 playback a day, light WiFi browsing and GPS off. If I'm browsing on WiFi a lot, I'd expect to get 12+ hours. Having to recharge by lunchtime sounds very odd!

    Audio sounds fine, both speakerphone and normal. Headphones could be better but thats expected.

    WiFi has been very stable, I haven't experienced any noticable connectivity issues.

    All in all I'm very pleased with the phone and would highly recommend it.
  18. motionxxusxx

    motionxxusxx Well-Known Member

    Have you found many apps that will not run do to the screen resolution and size?
  19. mansaw

    mansaw Well-Known Member

    Just saw the phone at a shop. Really small screen size. Not comfortable to view pictures, videos. Somewhat looks girly also.

  20. Terry1100

    Terry1100 Well-Known Member

    Ok, had my a couple of days now so first impressions.

    • Nice solid build
    • Keyboard is fine (Swiftkey works !)
    • Screen is very pretty but not as responsive as I was expecting. Coming from a (resistive) HTC Tattoo I was expecting great leaps forwards. I wonder if removing the screen protector would help ?
    • Didn't like having to wake it up form the top button - but realised that the home key works as well.
    • Homescreen calendar widget is pants - but "Smooth calendar" from the Market is fine.
    • My hands are too big for three icons per corner but one is neat enough (home email, work email, message and phone). Plenty of other homescreens to have one for apps, one for camera/music/youtube etc leaving two more for other stuff.
    • And it works well as a phone

    One downer I've found - the pin configuration of the headset port is non-standard. My headset doesn't work. Does anyone know of a wired "boom" headset that works with the SE socket.
  21. jiminee

    jiminee Member

    None as yet, all work swimmingly. Only resolution issue ive found is 1 icon in a VLC remote was badly rendered
  22. komodo8528T

    komodo8528T New Member

    Hey I am also using sk17i on Tmo, I was just wondering if you found anyway to keep it locked on Tmo, It constantly roams onto ATT when Im in a building and will stay stuck on there for a while. I tried a few apps that put it into airplane mode, but that is driving me crazy. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!
  23. jayhedgehog

    jayhedgehog New Member

    Hi, can you tell me how much internal memory you really have? I mean how much internal memory you actually have to store your apps in? The specs says 400MB or 320MB, but I'm never sure whether that is what they have built-in or what is really available. Thanks!
  24. Kiavik

    Kiavik Member


    I have the same problem with my operator which in low coverage areas goes on roaming, so I set the phone to manually choose the operator: from Settings > Wireless & Networks > Mobile Networks > Network operator set the search mode to manual and then select your operator, when there will be no coverage the phone will connect to another operator but will let you place only emergency calls.
  25. jayhedgehog

    jayhedgehog New Member

    Today, I could finally lay my hands on one of those. In fact, the device had about 300MB left for apps, which I think isn't as much as some other phones have, but certainly more than my 1 year old HTC Desire ;)

    Probably time to upgrade soon...

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