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  1. coringa_alemao

    coringa_alemao New Member

    I have the phone just 1 day now. I am new to Android. I like the phone a lot. However (as I said I am new to Android and I might be wrong), I think there is something screwed up with the dialer (is that how one calls in Android the program who displays contacts, makes calls and calls programs for chat and video call etc.?): For one thing, I can't use google chat from within (there is just no such option to choose) the dialer (although I am signed into google voice AND I see a green dot next to the contact suggesting the person is signed into google chat as well), for another thing there is nothing like recent facebook activities within the dialer (just crap like interests). As for the first problem I have my suspicions: I installed a different dialer and it displayed way less contacts than the stock SE-dialer (is that a SE program or a stock Android program?). So could the following be true: The installed dialer uses next to the Android contacts a separate contact data base? This would also explain why on the xperia mini pro my facebook contacts have birthday information - in the (presumably synced) google contacts these information are not available. So, maybe this is all bullshit and I am completely wrong... but in any case I would appreciate help/comments on the above issues!

  2. mirza2003

    mirza2003 New Member

    I just purchased SK17i in India and quite happy with this phone everything is great expect i cant fix Location on gps.

    Message box need more user control.:rolleyes:

    overall Good Phone.:)

    Please help to fix the gps:cool:
  3. mirza2003

    mirza2003 New Member

    Gps is fixed on my phone.:)

    But new problam related to phone call is arise now due to mute button which is too close to earplug and push on by ear skin it is annouying for person like me who use call very often.:mad::mad:
  4. wis

    wis New Member

    I really like this phone, gives a lot of value for the money...First and foremost the messaging is superb...the camera decent...performance is snappy...and it all comes in a compact package...what more can i ask...?
  5. wis

    wis New Member

    battery life is it's major draw back...last you around 8 hrs. to 12 hrs with minor use...but i think this has been the problem of other android phone too...aside from that it's a very nice phone...
  6. dandandan

    dandandan Member

    I really like this phone but I have a BIG PROBLEM - my reception for calls, data and GPS all suck!

    On my old phone I would usually have full bars and it took just a few seconds to lock onto my satellite location. On this phone, I'm usually stuck on two bars with frequent disconnections (calls and data) and GPS is so slow to lock-on that it makes navigation completely unusable. Everything else is the same (same network, same sim card) so it must be the antenna.

    It's a shame because I really like the phone. I don't want to get rid of it, but I might have to if I can't find a fix.
  7. Kiavik

    Kiavik Member

    I have your same problem and unfortunately I think there's nothing much you can do about it. I have tested the phone in 2 different cities (one where I work and the other where I live) and the battery life difference is enormous.
    Where I work the battery lasts less than 8 hours keeping data on only when needed (2-5 hrs if I keep it on all the times) and the signal comes and goes very often (this doesn't happen on my N82 with a sim of the same operator of the Mini Pro)
    Where I live the battery lasts 1 full day with wifi always on but the signal is better.

    So you can try to change operator and see how it goes
  8. malaugh

    malaugh New Member

    My phone did exactly the same thing. Do you have a Linksys Router? My phone did exactly the same thing, I updated the firmware in my WTR54G and that solved the problem.
  9. Loriolus

    Loriolus Well-Known Member

    Yes, I have a linksys router....although I sold the phone over a month ago. Couldn't stand the horrible battery life, and the screen was deem and low res.
  10. m.cyrill john

    m.cyrill john New Member

    [FONT=&quot]The display has Bravia Engine the same you find on Sony TV, which makes the screen crisp & crystal clear 3'' TFT LCD. It takes a while to get adjusted to the small screen, if you have used apple, htc or samsumg phones with wider screens. R[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

    [FONT=&quot]It has 2 cameras - front VGA & rear 5 MP. The camera is really good, the pictures are of very good quality and the best part being HD video recording @ 720p which is not available even in 20K mobiles. [/FONT][FONT=&quot]

    [FONT=&quot]Sony xLOUD engine audio filter technology which makes the music even more enjoying. It has a good FM radio which is additional boon for the music lovers.[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

    [FONT=&quot]It has 1 GHz Scorpion Processor & 512 MB RAM makes the mobile to function fast. It has a 320 MB internal memory with 2 GB external memory which can be extended upto 32 GB to accommodate as much as applications from Android market for tailor made usage.[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

    [FONT=&quot]The internet is quite fast compared to my IPhone 3G supports GPRS, EDGE & 3G. Bluetooth & USB for data connectivity with your Laptop/PC is good. Works as modem and also as a WIFI Hotspot[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

    [FONT=&quot]Android 2.3 Gingerbread, supports JAVA, Adobe Flash Player. Macfee Anti Virus & Phone Security is an added advantage. The emails makes your mails quite safe. Opera Mini Browser is performing good. Multitasking is easier and very smooth.[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

    [FONT=&quot]The Lithium Ion 1200 mAh battery is quite less for this beautiful phone.[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

    [FONT=&quot]If you are willing to compromise with the battery then you have a beautiful at affordable price. The phone is compact fits within your palm.[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

    [FONT=&quot]If a person is having passion upon latest gadgets, then buying it is a good decision.[/FONT][FONT=&quot]

    [FONT=&quot]Buy it for 15K and enjoy it.[/FONT]
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  11. snowman1

    snowman1 Member

    Hi all,

    after having the phone for just under a month now, my opinion on it is that it is an excellent little device, it is very simple and intuitive to use. i'll run through a few of the issues that others have been bringing up. Firstly, battery life, everyone seems to be complaining about the battery life, what we have to bear in mind here is, yes it is a phone, but it is also a host of other things i.e camera, internet device, gps device (how long does your sat nav run in the car without being plugged in?) and external modem if so desired. so for all that to run off 1 little battery, it's pretty good. Anyway, is it really such a hardship to plug it in at night? for me, with just light usage, it will last 2 1/2 days easily. with wifi on, obviously it's less, and that's to be expected but it still isnt as bad as some people on here are claiming.

    call quality for me has been excellent in mobile to landline, mobile to mobile and also in voIP calls (nibuzz, skype etc)

    The screen also is very good, bright crisp and clear, i have had no problem reading texts or viewing pictures, viewing full internet pages you will have to zoom in and scan the page about to read it all, but for things like that, i just use my laptop.

    camera quality is also very good, my previous phone was an i8910HD, and the pictures from that were nothing short of amazing, and although this is only a 5mp camera, the photos are still pretty good. The camera app itself is very simple to use with all functions available on screen with a swipe of your thumb. also the dedicated 2 stage shutter button is also a bonus (you can also touch the screen to take a shot if you prefer)

    Messaging is a joy to use, the screen is fast and responsive for 'keypad' style texting and the slide out keyboard which is nice and solid is very good too, i have quite bit fingers as some of the other forum members and i was slighty worried about how it would work, but i have had no problems at all with it, it is well laid out and simple to use (the top row of keys for me has enough space between the key and the bottom of the screen)

    Some people say it is a bit 'chunky' but lets be realistic about it here, everyone seems to harp on about how thin their phone is, ok thats all well and good, but have you seen the galaxy s2, you could go skateboarding on it!

    build quality is very good, it is nice and solid, i have to agree with some of the other users, the rear cover is very hard to get off, but for me, it's a good thing, if it was loose, it would feel badly built, and anyway, you don't remove the cover that often.

    All in all, it is a great little thing, looks good, feels good in the hand and works well too, i dont have any major issues with it, and for the price (€199 with €30 cashback from sony ericsson) €169 what else is there on the market that is better?
  12. dieselbee

    dieselbee New Member

    hello all

    I've just got this phone out of the box. First android for me.
    I have trouble with wifi. Even if I mark it to be "on", the phone connects and after a few minutes is off again. This way I can kill my data packet several times per day, as the phone goes to 3G download instead of using the available wifi. I'm using it 5 meters from the AP, other devices using the same AP are not having this problem.

    Can I somehow prioritize the usage of Wifi (if available) over 3G/HSDPA?
    I have buddies with other android phones who know this native?!!?!?
  13. justravi1

    justravi1 New Member

  14. justravi1

    justravi1 New Member

    hi guys,
    when i was searching for a side slide qwerty keyboard i left with only choice-SonyEricsson xperia mini pro-SK17i-(codenamed Mango)
    i bought my phone a month back,
    previously i was using SonyEricssonW550i (still working in good condition)
    i hav few pros and cons to say,

    > sony phones were best for sound. when i compare this with my w550 or even K series, i would say i am disappointed when speakers on. even the ear phones were not up to the mark. im not sure whether sony people want to give a big difference between walkman series and others.
    > i got a little bit improved audio performance with POWER AMP downloaded from "MARKET", pls let me know if you know any other music players
    > Ringtone chooser: Browsing and choosing a file is really frustrating, bcos, browse shows the artist name instead of file name
    > Please someone tell me what this xLOUD check box is for... i dont find any difference in audio playback

    > i would give 5 out of 5 for video
    > i installed MX player for added feature and by default FLV files wont be played. for this i installed FLV player. HD videos were been played without a hitch, same file didnt play in HTC wildfire and optimus (P500)
    > i had an issue like when i either turn my phone from landscape to portrait or vice-versa while a video is playing, i cud see only horizontal lines. this issue got solved when i upgraded from 2.3.3 to 2.3.4
    > and also please anyone tell me why there’s a checkbox for BRAVIA engine? i dont find any difference?
    > Eyes really gets strained, may be bcos of small screen

    > I dont know why my phone is slow... damn slow.. sometimes im not even able to get into dialed# or phone book for making a call. please tell me which could be the reason
    phone memory has 60MB of free space
    and my 8GB card is half full
    will this be the reason and i am not able to move few files(not system file) to SD card
    what is the use for giving a 1GHz processor??
    > Compass showed wrong direction, which got rectified when upgraded from 2.3.4

    > Battery drained so fast that i had to always keep my data cable or my charger becos i have to again charge after 5 or 6 hrs, until i found the culprit.
    > the main culprit is the “network search mode” under network selection.
    >Now i charge my mobile once in a day and half.
    > we need to choose “manual mode” instead of automatic

    hardware keyboard:
    > i dont find any difficult, its perfect handy

    > Basic features like calls, sms were so basic and frustrating.
    > The designers may have thought that users can compensate with Apps from “market”
    > i use app called “GO LAUNCHER” from market. it has all apps which u need. it can replace almost every feature the phone has like call, phone book, sms (with filter, personal sms, voice input etc), onscreen keyboard, screen lock, and lots more with theme and font changer (without the need of rooting the phone)
    > this phone has 8 sensors inbuilt. you can test them with this *#*#7378423#*#* and phone details *#*#4636#*#* if you know any more codes pls let me know
    > Market has sensor apps

    > im searching for a good cover/case, as dust gets trapped on the slider tracks
    > phone gets hot during long call duration
    > if u notice, this phone is just a visiting/business card size

    the above details were from my personal view and the codes were from
    X10 Mini/pro Secret Menu - xda-developers
    and if i missed something important, will let know
    and if there's something not correct, correct me
    PS: i liked this phone soo much bcos it has all i want and if i dont find i get it all at market
  15. Chiz

    Chiz New Member

    I'm a girl in my early 20s and I must say this really is a somewhat girly phone.

    I LOVE :
    - cuteness but looks professional at the same time.
    - I have small hands so I chose this phone. I don't like sporting a big phone like the arc.
    - the two cameras.
    - Call voice clarity
    - Music playback clarity
    - Easy to use.
    - Lots of apps that is compatible with it.
    - Touchscreen is smooth and feels nice against my hands.
    - vibrates when it's inside my bag. I find this amazing.
    - When I pull out the earphones, it pauses the music which I like a lot.
    - Fits everywhere.
    - Graphics and resolution is awesome for me, but I like small screen phones anyway.

    - battery needs to be charged twice a day , especially if you are a heavy internet user like me.
    - Heats up when I use internet a lot or maybe because it's always hot in my country.
    - When the phone warns you that you have a low memory capacity. (wonder what I need to do with the 40+ MB I can't store apps with ? stare at it? LOL. )
    - I don't use the keypad. LOL. I just bought this mainly because it is a dual camera phone, the mini only has one camera.

  16. snapdragon88

    snapdragon88 New Member

    -voice clarity is excellent
    -VoIP is great as well e.g using nimbuzz
    -skype is perfect, walkin in the street talking to my sister under a 3g network and its super fast
    -bravia engine makes my photos very crisp and vibrant
    -camera is good. had a few good shots i can say that's like DSLR-like captured photo
    -keyboard is very comftable. very tactile indeed
    -sms messaging is great
    -screen is very responsive 99.9%
    -the 1ghz processor really did a great job making me play games very seamless and lag-free
    -browsing is very good and flash support is awesome

    -i hate the charger port. cant open it with short nails. somehow inconvenient.
    -the volume and camera keys are not so good. uncomftable to press thats why i use touch capture
    -battery is poor (i think its the way it is for smartphones)
    -before updating the phone to the latest software, it had the tv-like screen timeout animation that makes the phone so cool and now, after the update it was gone which sucks. :c
    -there are lots of unnecessary running apps that i think consumes my battery a lot and i tried a lot of task killer apps but still they come back running
    -microSD card compartment is not in a good location

    Overall, i really like this phone. Looking forward for the ICS upgrade next year. Just got a few questions though:

    -some say the RAM is 512, mine is not apparently.. so is it really 512?
    -is this phone HDMI supported?

  17. I developed my game using the Sony Xperia Mini Pro and it's a really good phone.

    +Fast (apps run fast and the main responsive).
    +Keyboard feels nice and is tactile.
    +Screen is really bright and clear.
    +5 megapixel camera is okay. Acceptable quality.
    +Battery (1200mAh) lasts on minimum usage for the day (about 50-60% left, GPS usage here and there and light surfing) but will need to be recharged overnight. Lasts for about 2 or 3 days if you don't use the phone very much and probably longer if just in standby mode with the screen off.

    -Screen is tiny (2.55 inch capacitive touch) for GPS related viewing for navigation, but acceptable.
    -Camera shutter button requires a hard press to take a shot
    -Have to pop off back cover to access the microSD card which is not a huge issue.

    -420MB internal storage (about 100MB free when you get the phone)
    -2GB microSD card (about 1GB or more free at the start)
    -312MB RAM (about 190MB free on restart) - (the above 3 as shown under Running Services - not sure if this is accurate since the Sony Xperia Mini pro website states:phone memory up to 128MB)
    -240 x 320 pixel screen (QVGA)

    Creator of A Fuzzy Memory (Android/iOS)
    link may not display yet:
  18. veerforever

    veerforever New Member

    i hv one problem with my phone, it unmount memory card ever time.
    does any one know how to solve this issue. and from where i get my storage file access.

    thanks in advance.
  19. AJB2K3

    AJB2K3 Well-Known Member

    I've had mine a few days and already filled the card! it's my first android phone (previous was a SE W995) got a few things to work out still (getting my bt hands free kit to work) but so far the keyboard alone is proving it's worth.
  20. stgmvaragi

    stgmvaragi New Member

    Hi guys,

    Can you suggest me how to connect internet in my pc through my phone via bluetooth?
    I have been trying to connect but the system says that the bluetooth peripheral device driver is not found. I couldn't get that even from internet. Or even suggest me to connect via USB data cable. Can you give me a solution asap?

    Thanks in advance..
  21. AJB2K3

    AJB2K3 Well-Known Member

    Wouldn't connecting via usb give a faster speed?
    As to you btissue sorry can't help.
  22. mesh06

    mesh06 New Member

    can anyone tell me what about the battery life !! As all my use for the Internet​
  23. Jop Lisbon

    Jop Lisbon Member

    From Portugal...I'm using this phone for about 2 weeks.
    Very Satisfied, in general. Fast, good image quality, intuitive.

    Just 2 things to appoint:
    - Battery Life.... i was expecting more...but when in not use, turn off wi-fi and GPS.
    - And Official programs from Vodafone, that explore everything about You.

    The rest i think thats already spoken.
  24. magase79

    magase79 New Member

    hello there:

    youll'see , i've been using many cameraphones the last 3 years, and i conclude the following about xperia mini pro sk17.

    audio: very good audio quality, music, talking, speaker. the headphones provided in the retail box, are uninspiring. better to get another pair.

    battery life: i upgrade it to 2.3.4 version of gingerbreag (0.62 i think), and the battery duration is awesome, using camera, hd recording, all day wifi, etc,etc.
    very goog performance.

    display: bravia engine, or whatever they call, for me its an acceptable led display. and sunlight legibility is very goog indeed.
    support of multitouch and pinch zooming is present. the 3" display is ok for my big fingers. gorilla glass process is present here too.

    design and contruction: good construction quality. strong enough plastic-rubber body (battery cover), with a metal "line" in the middle. full qwerty retro-iluminated keyboard, again, very good for my big fingers.
    shutter key for the camcorder is wellcome here.
    the battery cover its hard to take away. you better have nails to pull the cover off.

    user interface: sony ericsson make a good job with this device. the 3" display its well organized with 4 bubbles, in each corner, in order to customize the shortcuts that you want. besides, you can add more than one shortcut in the desktop. i chose the ADW LAUNCHER from the market. you can customize the size of the shortcuts for example, and you can add many more than the original launcher in one desktop but a very nice user interface from sony this time.

    multimedia: here i will desagree with many users sorry for that pals, but i have proves of this.
    the camera settings are well covered, with smile sensor (you can adjunst the smile level in order to make the autoshot), multi-single-and touch focus, and many more options of the point and shot cameras. that's ok!.
    the AUTOMATIC FLASH is wellcome here too (many sony ericcson devices don't have auto-flash, you have to activate it first, take the foto, then turn it off... XPERIA X10, VIVAZ, etc - a real joke and a ridiculous thing). that's no problem here thanks GOD.

    so, most important thing: PICTURE QUALITY. it's not the best in 5mpx league.
    it's enough to take some shots when you forgot your point and shot camera...
    but... i say this, because previously i used some other cameraphones and the quality of them, are superior to this one. the pictures are too compresed the colours are good enough, but there is no much resolved detail, so this produces much noise when you make zoom in the taken photo.

    i bring you here 4 samples, not all taken at the same time of course, but it's the same situation. an ANT with MACRO MODE SHOT TAKEN.

    Please, take a look of the detail, with a 100% zoom.
    you'll see what i'm talking about. of course in the bravia display they all look good enough, but when you transfer to a desktop computer, you'll be very disapoint about it.

    Please, kinldy, download the samples to see the comparisson between this picture quality.

    w w w .

    the samples where taken with the following cameraphones:
    NOKIA E72 - 5MPX
    NOKIA N82 - 5MPX
    NOKIA N95 - 5MPX
    SAMSUNG I8510 - 8MPX (but the pic. is resized to 5mpx)
    SONY SK17

    i think sony beats in terms. of quality the photo taken with the N95, at least, this photo (not well taken, i admit). but the rest of the rivals, beats the sony boy.

    finishing with this small , user experience review, i must say that there is ONE MORE THING THAT, FOR MY SURPRISE, this phone MISSES....
    the secondary front facing camera, it's very good.... TO TAKE PICTURES AND MAKE VIDEOCHAT..... just that.
    NO VIDEOCALLING OVER 3G is avaliable!!!!.... this is another ridiculous thing. and i don't know why.
    hope sony ericsson, or sony mobile, whatever, solve this problem with ICS update, if this is a software problem.

    that's it. so, concluding, i can say that this is an exellent phone, that resume many features of the big display ones, but in a small, well shaped, size.
    and of course, with a 1ghz snapdragon processor and 512 mb of ram. don't forget the fm radio player onboard. many android devices miss this feature, and the hardware capabbility of this phone is the same that you can find in XPERIA PLAY, ARC, NEO, for example...without the exmor sensor of the camera in those ones.

    hd recording is pleasent for me, although, at 24 fps.
    i dont know the international price for this model, but, in my country, Argentina, i bought it NEW from PERSONAL, for u$s200 with a plan of u$s 27 per month (200 min+200 sms+200mms+200mb data).
    so i think that this ALL FEATURE PHONE, IT'S CHEAP if you look what it offers.

    thanks for your tiMe to read this.
    sorry for my english to everyone.
    see ya'

    magase, from buenos aires.
  25. GamerDiehard

    GamerDiehard New Member

    i'm using xperia mini pro from last two month, before purchasing i though that i cannot able to use it properly because of it's small display size but after two month of experience i realize that the phone is quite powerful with 512 MB of ram and 1ghz processor, you can do almost everything in this small smartphones.

    i have installed angry bird rio, 9mm hd, asphalt 6 adrenaline and mortal combat 3... all these games are working fine but sometimes when you play some graphically intense mission it just loads 3 to 4 times and when that particular mission is over it's work fine.

    It's nice looks smarter then other big size phone, very portable phone you put in your any side of pocket.

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