sharing PC internet to HTC Tattoo using WiFi

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  1. pokuri999

    pokuri999 New Member

    Hi I recently bought a HTC Tattoo. And I like to access internet on Tattoo using PC broadband connection. I have ASUS motherboard with inbuild WiFi support. So, using that I have made my WiFi of PC to Access Point Mode. So, now I am able to connect to PC using that WiFi network. But I am unable to access internet. Can anyone suggest me the way to share my PC internet to my HTC Tattoo to save money when we are at home.

  2. alek_73

    alek_73 Well-Known Member

    I understood that you have a PC connected to Internet via cable and you configured the PC as a WiFi access point.

    I think what you have to do is set up your PC to work as a router, so that it routes automatically requests coming from the Tattoo to internet.

    How to do it depends on which operative system you have, just make a search with Google
  3. pokuri999

    pokuri999 New Member

    My OS is windows XP. I have tried to make my PC as router by surfing through Google, but failed. can you direct me to proper link if you know any site?
  4. alek_73

    alek_73 Well-Known Member

  5. fenofio

    fenofio New Member

    i made my broadcom wifi card in win xp as a router connected with wired internet but my motorola XT311 doesnt detect it. iv tried almost everything. my version of android is 2.3.5. what am i missing? i did share the connectons aswell. but my phone wont detect the signals. only laptop do. why? pls help!

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