Sharp edge to MicroSD coverGeneral

  1. MamTor

    MamTor Member

    The MicroSD cover doesn't sit flush with the edge of the phone. Even if you push it in quite hard to compress the seal-ring a bit, you can still feel the edges if you slide your finger over it. Shame, as all the other port covers are nice and flush.

    Anyone else got this ? If so, it's probaby not worth me returning the phone just because of this.

  2. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Mine sites perfectly flush, I can't feel the edges when I run my finger over it.

    Potentially silly question, but if you have an SD Card is it inserted properly?
  3. MamTor

    MamTor Member

    I spoke to Sony and they asked me to return the phone. If it wasn't a waterproof phone, they probably wouldn't care as much if a socket cover wasn't a perfect fit, but for obvious reasons, this could be a risk with the Z1. In the end, the shop I purchased the phone from was fine about replacing the item with another they had in stock and all the socket covers are perfectly flush with the surround. So yesterday I had all the fun of reinstalling everything again from scratch. At least 2nd time round I did a better job of sticking the screen protector on !

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