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  1. elgibby

    elgibby Well-Known Member

    Lately my year and a half old Vibrant has been running hot and eating battery. Sites don't load etc. I've changed batteries, so it's not a battery issue and, anyway, the heat is from the top of the phone, not over the battery.

    Has anybody had this issue?

  2. aradiva

    aradiva New Member

    I have this issue. I had this issue with my first Vibrant last year. Samsung replaced that one, and the new one didn't have this problem for the first 10 months I had it. I've been trying to update the software recently, and managed to Odin back to the stock Eclair OS, and now the heating/battery draining problem is back. I'm hoping that if I complete the upgrade to Gingerbread, this problem will stop, but who knows...

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