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Shinjitsu Rom OTA Available(Discontinued)

Which battery icon do you like better?

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  1. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    Thank you to xBabyfaceKingx, Bocephus87, Hroark13, mercury0x000d, and cartersball for your donation and support!

    A special thanks to Quoros for your donation of a new Warp! Thank you

    ROM Features
    • Init.d support
    • Build.prop Tweaks
    • Auto DB Defrag
    • Various CPU Tweaks and System Tweaks
    • Deodexed
    • Themed
    • Reboot Options
    • Optimized
    • SD Booster Script
    • Over-clocked kernel (optional)
    • Dalvik-JIT Enabled
    • Custom wallpapers
    • All Bloatware Removed
    • Swipe to clear Notifications (Credits to hansip87 @ XDA)
    • Holo Launcher (Credits to Mobint @ Google Play Store)
    • New splash.img (Thanks to our own Mr.bobo for his help and info on that!)
    • New Kernel W/OC (Credits to Downthemachine here @ Android Forums!)

    Code (Text):


    Versions before 1.5 will no longer be supported

    *To Do
    Make more Awesomeness, Donations appreciated.

    New OOM Values
    New Minfree values
    Advanced kernel tweaks
    Better multitasking

    -Fixed camera issue
    Re-themed the lockscreen
    Optimized more
    Changed camera to MIUI camera
    Less ram usage at start-up
    more to come...

    -Updated Busybox
    Removed Root Browser Lite
    Added Solid Explorer
    More themeing
    More to come...

    -Added SRSettings.apk
    Added Setting shortcut to pulldown
    Fixed Issues with 3G
    Removed Holo Locker
    Rebuilt Holo Laucher (Even Lighter & Faster)
    Removed Lockscreen from Development Options
    Added Honeycomb Clock to Lockscreen
    Re-themed Notification Toggles
    Removed ESFile explorer
    Added Root Browser Lite
    Fixed sticky toggle issue
    Build.prop fix for wifi

    Version 1.5.2 Stable
    -Added Official Jellybean Google Play Music port
    Themed system menu to resemble ICS.
    More theme fixes.
    More Build.prop edits for GPU performance.
    Added DTM's new OC kernel, will rework for more free ram.
    integrated Spare parts into development menu.
    Removed some init.d scripts causing conflicts with toggle's.
    removed some of my bloatware :)
    Modified and themed setup wizard
    Added AOSP mms app and apns.
    Rebuilt Holo Launcher for Shinjitsu, Down from 946kb to 724kb. (Removed auto update and pro version menu items.)
    Rebuilt Holo Locker for Shinjitsu, Made as system service and default lockscreen (even on a factory restore)
    Removed DSPManager
    Reverted text color back to white, No more guessing at options :)
    Im bringing this out of beta because this release is gonna be so good.
    Added screenshot to power menu

    Version 1.5.1c Beta 3
    -Added Timescape, and all framework files. (Removed)
    Themed Xperia Launcher (Might remove for Holo Launcher)
    Added Dev tools
    Added Xloud sound drivers
    Removed A2sd and all scripts (Dalvik JIT still enabled)
    added Chrome port (Removed stock browser)
    Ported Notification Toggles (Credits to lidroid @XDA)
    Added Swipe to clear notifications
    Complete re-theme and new layout for all system menus
    Themed the lockscreen
    Added Jellybean system font
    SRWallpapers updated with ICS and jellybean wallpapers
    New kernel with swap support (Credits to Downthemachine)

    Intermediate Update 1
    Fixed text colors
    Changed status bar color
    Added custom splash screen

    Version 1.5.1c
    Added Experia S HD Home Launcher
    Added all Compatible Experia S Widgets
    Thanks to Hroark13 for his work on the source code
    Thanks to me for Overclock :D
    Overclock to 1.7Ghz (Default is 1Ghz)
    Added QuickPic (Removed Gallery3D)
    Removed ADW Launcher
    Fully Implemented a2sd & a2sd GUI
    Dalvik JIT enabled
    Dalvik-Cache moved to sdcard when sd-ext is present
    New CM7 EGL drivers, we lose 10fps but gain [B]stability[/B]
    Added Live wallpapers back
    Added Experia S live wallpaper
    Removed Miui Camera (Added ICS+ Camera)
    Switched back to SuperUser app + Binary
    Newer Kernel, Should fix signal issues
    Ported LunarUI from CM7 for HTC to Shinjitsu Rom
    Major UI Overhaul
    Camera Issues have been fixed

    Version 1.5b
    Added CM7 compiled ADW Launcher (Better compatibility)
    Removed Beats audio from test version (Caused Camera not to function)
    Added Custom Shinjitsu boot Animation
    Removed Miui File Explorer (Replaced with lighter CM7 File Explorer)
    Changed Default Background
    Removed stock gallery (AOSP Gallery3d to fix issues experienced by users)
    Removed EXT4 tuning script (Causing issues with permissions, should fix GPS and WiFi location access)
    Ported CMwallpapers for shinjitsu rom
    Added jBrd400's fix for CWM data backup
    Added new Adreno 205 libraries (Basemark stock score 12, new score 16.52)

    Version 1.1c
    Added apps2sd support in init.d
    Added DSPManager from CM7
    Removed more stock apps and un-needed services
    Added AOSP Gingerbread launcher (Lightweight)
    Added Miui File Explorer (Lightweight)
    Added Miui Camera to replace stock app (Lightweight)

    Version 1.1b
    ICS Spectrum Live Wallpaper
    System Integrated Spare Parts app from AOSP
    Reboot, Reboot Recovery, Reboot Bootloader added to power menu
    CRT On/Off animation
    Removed more Bloatware
    Enabled Init.d Support
    Added numerous Scripts for optimization

    Version 1.0
    Initial Release
    Optimized System apps
    Removed some bloatware
    Added ICS Style GOLauncher
    Added Google Play Music
    Updated market to Google Play
    Changed boot Animation

    Removed Apps
    Alarming.apk (Replaced with AOSP Desk Clock)
    Camera.apk (Replaced with MIUI Camera)
    Filer.apk (Replaced with MIUI File Explorer)
    Music.apk (Replaced with Google Play Music)

    Some Screen Shots






    Found the correct permissions for the flash-able zip, symlinks and permission's on this rom are different from stock. All future releases will be flashed.

    I am not responsible for any damages to your device, You have been warned

    Step 1. Download
    Step 2. extract to your sdcard in clockworkmod/backup or root of sdcard for zip
    Step 3. Reboot to recovery
    Step 4. Make a Nandroid backup (Just in case)
    Step 5. do a factory/data reset
    Step 6. clear cache
    Step 7. Advanced -> clear dalvik-cache
    step 8. restore or install zip from sdcard

    Step 9. Enjoy the silky smoothness of Shinjitsu Rom

    The first boot will take a while as the system rebuilds the new dalvik-cache, Each restart afterwards will take half the time of stock

    Download Links






    Shinjitsu Rom 1.5.1c Beta-3

    Shinjitsu Rom Intermediate Update-1.zip

    Shinjitsu Rom 1.5.1c-Beta2.zip

    Shinjitsu Rom 1.5.1c.zip

    Shinjitsu Rom 1.5b

    No Longer supported

    Shinjitsu Rom 1.1c
    Shinjitsu Rom 1.1b
    Shinjitsu Rom 1.0b

    Boot animations

    Shinjitsu Warped

    Shinjitsu After Effects

    The attached file is for those that want the AOSP Launcher rather then ADW, it will delete ADW launcher and replace it with the AOSP one


    If you would like to use your own custom mp3 ringtone's, make a folder on the root of your sdcard named "Ringtones" without quotation. Place any MP3's you might want to use as a ringtone into this folder. they can then be selected in the ringtone menu.


  2. Stlouizsin

    Stlouizsin Well-Known Member

    That's wzup. Can't wait.
    mhannah3333 likes this.
  3. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    Screenshots added with some proof of deodex :p

    EDIT: Phone also boots in about half the time as normal

    EDIT 2: I have successfully integrated the CRT On/Off Animation
    Spiyder, prmax, Snake X and 2 others like this.
  4. Snake X

    Snake X Well-Known Member

    so what kind of cpu tweaks are there? what is v6 supercharger and loopy smoothness?
  5. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Well-Known Member

    bout to download
  6. dragonfly77

    dragonfly77 Active Member

    didn't work, says md5 mismatch. not sure what to do.
  7. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Well-Known Member

    same here no go
  8. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    Ok, let me make another backup
    dragonfly77 and Rally 517 like this.
  9. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    i think i know why, try renaming the shinjitsu folder in the same date and time layout as your other backups. im working on an updater script now :p
    mckague24 and MrBobo like this.
  10. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Well-Known Member

    that did it
    MrBobo likes this.
  11. MrBobo

    MrBobo Well-Known Member

    you don't know how excited I am about this :)
    downloading now!
    kdraw44 likes this.
  12. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    Glad to hear it, let me know what you think :p

    Oh i noticed something, for some reason the extended power menu is missing from this backup. i will upload the one that has it in the form of an update package :p so test this let me know what you think and i will release the real deal later today
  13. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    Check on Xda for loopy smoothness and V6/V8 Supercharger scripts, as far as CPU tweaks its mostly threshold values
  14. aladdin99

    aladdin99 Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to trying this out when i get off tonight.
  15. Snake X

    Snake X Well-Known Member

    Hmm what would be better? v6 supercharger or the 1.4 GHz OC wrap nandroid? Decisions decisions..
  16. Doing my backups now then will flash and report back when ive checked it out.
  17. dragonfly77

    dragonfly77 Active Member

    worked beautifully, nice work friend :D
  18. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    Thank you, full update package coming later today
  19. MrBobo

    MrBobo Well-Known Member

    awesome so far, one issue though, for pop up screens the transparent background makes it hard to read the options, for example when I am in the system settings and open a screen with a pop up it's hard to read the pop up because of the text behind the screen.
  20. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    I will make adjustments to the theme, so it will be easier to read. Keep in mind this is just the first intial release. Extended power menu will be in the 1.1beta
  21. Corlygunnz

    Corlygunnz Well-Known Member

    is the extended power menus is the one under the notification bar?
  22. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Well-Known Member

    Nope its not on. But basicallywhen you press power button more optionslike reboot, recovery etc.
  23. Snake X

    Snake X Well-Known Member

    is there by any chance quick system settings going to be available in the notification menu? or is that not possible atm
  24. shinru2004

    shinru2004 Well-Known Member Developer

    Notification toggles will be coming in a later release, they take a little longer to integrate
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  25. tookah

    tookah Well-Known Member


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