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  1. danibug23

    danibug23 Well-Known Member

    i just ordered my razr maxx yesterday in the store and they said it will ship out wednesday and get to me on friday :( idk if i can wait that longgggg!!!! its terrible lol does anybody think it will get to me sooner because it says BY the 21st just hoping it does!

  2. atlbravesfalcs7

    atlbravesfalcs7 Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure that that means that it will ship from verizon by the 21st, then come 2 days after (if you had two day shipping) or overnight or w/e.

    when i ordered my incredible initially i had to wait a full month to have it shipped. and that ship by date was accurate.
  3. Baddawg

    Baddawg Active Member

    I ordered mine on the 10th and was told that it would be shipping (either arrive here or shipping from them) on the 21st.

    I had to call tech support about my Blackberry on Thursday and the system told me that my order had shipped. Got the tracking order and it should be arriving later today. YAY!
  4. DDG

    DDG Well-Known Member

    Purchased at Verizon store on March 10th with a Ship By Date of March 21st. It was delivered on March 14th. So you may get it earlier than the 21st shipping date. You'll just have to wait for the email confirming shipment.
  5. kgingras

    kgingras New Member

    I was going to order mine thru Verizon as well until I saw they were not shipping out immediately. I ended up ordering it from Amazon Wireless for a cheaper price and it shipped within 48 hours.
  6. danibug23

    danibug23 Well-Known Member

    I just had to call verizon to see whats up well they told me that it was shipped out today and will be here to me on the 21st by 7!!!! Im so excited just hope it gets to me before verizon closes so glad its not friday
  7. Baddawg

    Baddawg Active Member

    Mine came in this afternoon!!! (yay!)

    I was fortunate and didn't have any activation woes. It's on my desk, charging.
  8. TexterTot

    TexterTot New Member

    Just ordered mine a few hours ago from a local Verizon store. They said it will ship on Monday, so I figure by this time next week I should have it.

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