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    Sep 15, 2011
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    If this question is addressed on the Google Play Store help files, I could not find it.

    As folks may be aware, Google will not ship a Nexus (or any other device) to a U.S. post office box. However, the U.S. Post office will now allow box holders to use the post office street address followed by their box number. So, instead of saying your shipping address is P.O. Box 1234 you can use:

    321 Post Office Street #1234

    Anyone know if this causes Google heartburn if you try to have your Nexus shipped to such an address? The Google order page accepts such an address as legit, but that is obviously a bot.

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    Mar 17, 2010
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    Your best bet might be to check with UPS as I think it is they who won't deliver to a P.O. Box. In fact Google might take it but UPS might end up having a problem and returning it. I think it has to do with not having a place to leave the package if the PO is closed.

    What I believe you can do is get an address from a UPS store and they will accept your package for you. I've done that before, though not with Google.
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    The address I mailed my N5 to was a PO box. What I did is use the physical address of the building as the first line, with the box # on the second line, as you mentioned.

    However, this is something my campus' mail service recommends we do, so you might make sure your PO box processing people are okay with getting mail addressed like that.
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