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  1. blue rocket

    blue rocket Well-Known Member

    Omg! So jealous!

  2. SoSmarmy

    SoSmarmy Member

    what does that mean Needz...why are you being a hater? I'll post video from my buddy's Betamax, er, I mean iPhone as soon as I's charging
  3. foreWard

    foreWard Well-Known Member

  4. CyberVike

    CyberVike Well-Known Member

    Son of a !@#!@# lol Congrats on getting that phone so quickly.
  5. SoSmarmy

    SoSmarmy Member

    double post accident
  6. blue rocket

    blue rocket Well-Known Member

    stupid verizon...they claim its not even in their system to allow them to place the order.

    i bet there was some glitch yesterday when it was in their system and it allowed them to place the order for a brief period of time.
  7. AcePuppy

    AcePuppy Well-Known Member

    Just a FYI the box in the picture was the box given to those blog websites to review the phone. The box changed with it's actual name for its release and was confirmed by various blog sites. Don't believe the faker.
  8. shawn487

    shawn487 Well-Known Member

    wow congrats man
  9. slumpey

    slumpey Well-Known Member

    no dice, just called the 800-256-4646 number again and spoke to an extremely nice girl who was willing to place the order for me early, but the system wouldnt let her. Looks like Verizon finally put a block on all phone orders pertaining to the Incredible. She tried all different ways to get in to place the order and even some back channel ways also, but no luck. I think we all have to wait till the 29th. Some of you are lucky bastards.
  10. Jceinc

    Jceinc Well-Known Member

    So you are calling the dude a liar??
  11. blue rocket

    blue rocket Well-Known Member

    ^ lol, people can't believe anything. Ace... the dude got his phone, you are jealous, get over it.
  12. AcePuppy

    AcePuppy Well-Known Member

    Why would I be jealous? Even if I had ordered the phone who cares if I get it on time like the rest. The box has been mentioned on blogs since people got ahold of it yesterday. That is not the final box. Just wait and see. Not going to argue over it, but also going to say what's true and not.
  13. Needz_Android

    Needz_Android Well-Known Member

    the quote is from predator! "dillon, youuuuuu son of a bitch"

    and about the box, no i'm not being a hater at all just making an obersvation. don't take it the wrong way. congrats btw!
  14. SoSmarmy

    SoSmarmy Member

  15. ratchetjaw

    ratchetjaw Well-Known Member

    Oh boy on the phone with them now. Just wanted to confirm. Appears she wrote Incredible but they had a Imagio coded as coming. Got to get this straight

    Edit well after the first girl screwed up my order now I guess the window is closed. The second lady says she can't place the order. F it. Will just keep my BB pre order
  16. SoSmarmy

    SoSmarmy Member

    Is Imagio Latin for Incredible? Sorry, couldn't resist...
  17. slumpey

    slumpey Well-Known Member

    ratchedjaw, keep us posted.
  18. tdub88

    tdub88 Well-Known Member

    SHOPPED !!!!

    Any good puppet master could work up such a third rate production.....
  19. shawn487

    shawn487 Well-Known Member

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  20. mistamista2000

    mistamista2000 Well-Known Member

    Yeah thats the real deal. Thanks for the video. Very entertaining especially the last part.
  21. ratchetjaw

    ratchetjaw Well-Known Member

    Just updated. It's a no go. Guess after they screwed up my first order the window of opportunity is closed. Oh well:mad:
  22. elrabin

    elrabin Well-Known Member

    Did the people receiving their phones order by phone? Or by online pre-order?

    Anyone know how to, for sure, get their phone early?
  23. MrSmoofy

    MrSmoofy Well-Known Member

    This is f'n incredible!
  24. benson304

    benson304 Well-Known Member

    I believe the people that are ordered over the phone or through a rep, and those avenues have since been closed.
  25. slumpey

    slumpey Well-Known Member

    He called up customer service and placed his order over the phone. The problem is it appears customer service has now blocked phone orders pertaining to the Incredible so you can only pre-order online now.

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