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  1. Brian_83

    Brian_83 Well-Known Member

    I just tried as well. The first guy didn't even try he just said it was pre order only online. The second time I got a lady that had never heard of the phone. She found it and told me the price an starte to place the order. She got so far in then the system popped up and told her it wasn't available until the 29th. She had never heard of the phone so she wouldn't know the date unless the system told her. I heard her reading it as it popped up.

  2. Vaetix

    Vaetix Well-Known Member

    Soooo envious that some people have the phone already. :p
  3. secretLOVER

    secretLOVER Well-Known Member

    Anybody else speak to a manager? This is complete BS! So jealous! Wonder how Best Buy feels about this.
  4. Germwise

    Germwise Well-Known Member

    has anyone ordered the phone through the internet and gotten it?
  5. Pseudoty1

    Pseudoty1 Well-Known Member

    so last step is to see if you can activate it. I doubt they have the device blocked since the testers/reviewers had theirs activated. Let us know how it works out.
  6. misterdoop

    misterdoop Well-Known Member

    Just got off the phone who said that the phone would ship tomorrow — but then she kept running into an error message. Couldn't figure it out and then she read "item not available until the 29th." Rats.

    Nice score on those who got it early! I'm still counting the days...
  7. Pooh434

    Pooh434 Well-Known Member

    Hi all, I just spoke to an online ordering customer service rep (1-800-711-7773) regarding the early shipping of phones, and they informed me that: (1) VZ is no longer taking orders over the phones, (2) phones ordered online won't starting leaving the warehouse until 4/27 for delivery on 4/29 and (3) people who "claim" to be receiving phones and/or shipping confirmation emails already are the result of a an over the phone order "screw up" and phone orders through a third party (hince the no longer accepting of phone orders). Because I was unaware of the free overnight shipping promo code when I ordered, I had two options at check out (free 2nd day or $8.99 overnight). I chose free 2nd day. The rep was nice enough to change my shipping to free overnight with the promo code. At least that's better news. I'm in anticipation like the rest of you (and coming from a three year old razr
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  8. ratchetjaw

    ratchetjaw Well-Known Member

    Figured it was a screw up but why not just go ahead and start shipping. Cats out the bag now
  9. Kyreba

    Kyreba Active Member

    Yeah just do it & then we will be happy & we will quit bugging them! lol
  10. ratchetjaw

    ratchetjaw Well-Known Member

    Right. Maybe we should start in on hounding best buy and let them know shipping was initiated lol
  11. Pooh434

    Pooh434 Well-Known Member

    Exactly. I told them, "Since the phones are already in some of the warehouse and waiting for release, they should just go ahead and rectify the situation and honor all who have pre-ordered regardless of method (over the phone, online or in store), because it isn't fair that some units have, indeed, shipped early." Their reply was, "I understand, but the system has locked down to no releases until 4/29, and no more over the phone orders. Also, be mindful that certain companies, media outlets and technical representative will be sent out preview models that may slightly differ from retail customer units in terms of branding and packaging. Those are marketing units for advertising purposely only." Interesting...
  12. MrSmoofy

    MrSmoofy Well-Known Member

    Free overnight was with the code FREEOVERNT and is only good Fri - Sun it states this on their website.
  13. kyler13

    kyler13 Well-Known Member

    I used it Monday at 5:30am EST without a problem.
  14. greggds

    greggds Well-Known Member

  15. DannoVB

    DannoVB Member

    mine arrived just after lunch, activated it shortly thereafter... sweet...
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  16. Needz_Android

    Needz_Android Well-Known Member

    ^let me guess, you ordered over the phone.....
  17. DannoVB

    DannoVB Member

    yes, i ordered mine over the phone yesterday morning
  18. blue rocket

    blue rocket Well-Known Member

    tried again via the phone...she was looking into it and ended up with the same old statement "it wont let me order it via our system, it has to be done online"

  19. slumpey

    slumpey Well-Known Member

    did you try *611
  20. rockstar323

    rockstar323 Well-Known Member

    I couldnt preorder online because we only have business accounts but I was able to just preorder 2 from a friend that works for Verizon. Hopefully those will come in early.
  21. blue rocket

    blue rocket Well-Known Member

  22. Hockey152

    Hockey152 Well-Known Member

    Sent a email to Verizon asking on my order and telling how some received theirs today and expecting some tomorrow and when I should see my new phone. Doubt anything will change on mine but heck worth a shot after spending all yesterday just trying to pre order the phone lol
  23. genekim1

    genekim1 Member

    Will they give in if everyone called 10 times a day? :)
  24. jmorisey

    jmorisey Well-Known Member

    I ordered mine yesterday via phone as well and have yet seen ANY verification that I even ordered a phone. I think you are all just playing mind games with us! All of you are using your geek skills along with Photoshop, Eye Candy, Pinnacle Studio and Sony Vegas Pro to play evil mind games with us....


    All joking aside, happy for ya all, wish I was in your boat! I took my Motorola DROID back on Sunday under the Worry-Free-Guarantee so I could place the pre-order on Monday... would have been nice not to have to be DROID-less for a week-in-a-half.

    One of you needs to start a new "I Received my DROID Incredible today" thread for easier communication and Q&A sessions.

    Again, enjoy your new toys!!!

    I was a BIG participator and contributor in the WM forums... and while new to the Android side of things and I may look like fresh meat, don't let that fool ya!!! I look forward to meeting all of you in this new forum and hope we can all learn and grow together with this INCREDIBLE experience!!! (sorry, couldn't resist)

  25. Jakaro

    Jakaro Well-Known Member

    makes me sad! i have to use a BB pearl till i get mine!!!!! 9 day s of hell!!!

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