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Shopkick Referral Code Thread

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  1. Varking

    Varking Well-Known Member

    Shopkick is an app that you log into when you are in stores around the country and you build up points. After so many points you can turn them in for real rewards like gift cards to Target, WalMart, iTunes, Facebook Credits, and more. It is from the same developers who brought you Cause World which is the same thing except you donate the points to charities.

    When you use a referral code you get 50 bonus points to start.

    Referral Codes:


  2. xefe

    xefe Well-Known Member

  3. cjmeals

    cjmeals New Member

    duck8124 it will get you 50 kicks
  4. kobe_505

    kobe_505 New Member

    my referral code is elephant9283 if you want 200 points For shop kick

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