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  1. techgui

    techgui Member

    I purchased my HP Touch pad for $99 in the big Best Buy blowout. After using if for a day, I realized it just didn't have the apps to suit my needs so I gave it to my 80 year old father in law. A few weeks ago when I visited him, I asked if he was getting much use from the touch pad. He said he hadn't turned it on in 3 months and that he really preferred to use his laptop. Since he didn't have need if it, he offered it back to me. Well, I took it home and spent another few hours with it to confirm my original opinion. Basically it's a slick well designed device with no practical apps for me. Well, a few hours on the net lead me here and another few hours resulted in the installation of Android Ice Cream Sandwich. What a huge difference. I've spend the last week unable to put this thing down. Just ordered the obd2 Bluetooth interface to run the Torque app for my cars. Also got VPN running so I can remote into my home pc from almost anywhere. I can watch movies on my Netflix account and my favorite app of all time Evernote allows me to sync all my important stuff between devices.

    Thanks for the Happy Ending...

  2. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Glad it finally got some use. :D

    Get today's nightly (0707) and it'll be better.
  3. techgui

    techgui Member

    How do I do that. I keep getting conflicting info. I've downloaded both the update and the current gapps using goomanager to the dev folder. Do I now just use clockwork mod to install the updates?
  4. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    That works.

    Backup your current rom (in case it has issues)
    Wipe dalvik cache and cache
    Install rom
    Install gApps

    If you let goo manager do it it'll replace CWM with TWRP. I love TWRP, but prefer to keep CWM too.
  5. techgui

    techgui Member

    How do back up ROM?

    Never mind I've got it. Worked great.
  6. mogelijk

    mogelijk Well-Known Member

    In ICS, hold down the power button until the options come up and select "Reboot". You should get Reboot Tablet options, select "Recovery". This will boot you into the recovery options.

    If you are using CWM, use the volume buttons to scroll to "backup and restore" and press the home button to select it, then select "Backup".

    When it is finished backing up, it will return to that menu. Select "Go back" to go back to the main menu. Again, using the volume buttons, go to "wipe cache partition" and select it.

    When that is finished, go down to the "advanced" menu and select it. On the advanced menu, go to "Wipe Dalvic Cache" and select that option.

    When that has completed, select "Go Back" from the menu. On the main menu, go to "install zip from sdcard" and select (not "apply update from sdcard"). From this menu, select "install zip from sdcard", then select "choose zip from sdcard". This will bring up a list of partitions and files in the root directory. Select the directory where you have placed the zip files containing the update, and select that directory. Once the file list from that directory comes up, select "" and it will start installing. Once the update is completed, select "install zip from sd card" again and install gapps, following the same process.

    Once you have finished installing the updates, select "go back" so you are on the main menu again, then select "reboot system now" to finish the process. Your TouchPad should boot into the updated ICS.
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  7. techgui

    techgui Member

    Well I did everything except I forgot to wipe the dalvic cache. But everything seems to be working fine. Mic's working and Chrome is a lot less glitch.
  8. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    You can still wipe it now.
  9. ajay.acharyakv

    ajay.acharyakv Well-Known Member

    Colchiro, don't bother replying to my request on another thread asking how to back-up. I am able to do with this guide...
  10. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member


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