Shortcut to mark all SMS text messages read

  1. williamc

    williamc Member

    Is there an app that has a homescreen shortcut to mark all SMS text messages as read? Or an app that does this when I run it?

  2. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    Go SMS can do this: in the threads view press menu, select "More" and there is a "Mark All Read" option. It's not a single press from the homescreen, but it will let you do it in a couple of clicks.

    I expect that at least some other messaging apps have this, but Go is what I'm currently using.
  3. boomer2

    boomer2 New Member

    Try the messaging widget which comes with "android pro widgets".
    It has a button to mark all sms as read which basically is a homescreen shortcut if you place the widget there.

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