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Should I Buy An A1?General

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  1. Jerjef

    Jerjef New Member

    I am literally 1 step away from buying an A1, but some of these posts are concerning. I know every electronic, even the almighty iPad, have a percentage of failures. Can I get a general consensus of whether to buy it or not?

  2. fisherking3k

    fisherking3k Member

    i posted this on another thread here:

    generally, forums like this are filled with people who need help, have issues. it's reasonable to assume that the majority of users (of android tablets, laptops, phones, etc etc) DON'T hang out at these forums.

    i'm pretty happy with the A1; sure, i have a wish list, but this is a great android pad (especially for the size, and price).

    get it, explore it, enjoy it!
  3. Jerjef

    Jerjef New Member

    Thank you for the refreshing post. I feel much better now and thankfully Futureshop has a 14 day return policy so if it does jerk me around, back it goes.
  4. fisherking3k

    fisherking3k Member

    really, everything is a crapshoot. one person gets a bad A1, and decides they're all horrible. one person gets a good one, decides they're perfect.

    it's not perfect (LOL), but it works well, and i'm enjoying it.
  5. KevinCrook

    KevinCrook New Member

    Yup from my experience thus far there are more pros than cons for the A1. I'd actually recommend getting a screen protector immediately to avoid scratches incase you do decide to return it.

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