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  1. Rob85

    Rob85 New Member


    I'm looking for a mid-range smartphone and the galaxy w seems to come out top. HTC Desire S is another option but it seems to have a lot of problems.

    Only problems I can find with the galaxy w is the call quality and the GPS not working well without data. Whats your experience with this?


  2. tmcthree

    tmcthree Active Member

    These are both reasonable criticisms, but for me, not deal breakers.

    I also have a wildfire s which has a-gps as opposed to gps of the samsung. You can tell that the a-gps on the htc is quicker and more consistently accurate (but still not perfect). However the samsung still does the job effectively. I've only really had problems with the gps on the samsung when I'm inside a large building or surrounded by large buildings ie. London EC1.

    As for the call quality it's not great, but call quality is pretty low on my list of priorities and for me it's good enough.
  3. Rob85

    Rob85 New Member

    Thanks for your reply.

    The GPS is something I can live with, i'll probably only use it once a month. Call quality i'm not so sure, it is a phone after all
  4. dannymur

    dannymur Well-Known Member

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