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  1. Laron225

    Laron225 Active Member

    I currently have a Samsung Behold 2. I'm thinking about buying a Cliq on eBay until I can get an upgrade which won't be till next year unfortunately. I'm tired of the Behold 2 and all of it's problems, random freezing, reboots, apps force closing all the time. I've done everything I could to make it run better different roms which just killed my battery but it seems to be no difference.

    So I just decided to try to get another phone and I began looking at the Cliq on eBay since the 2 is about to come out I figure I can get a good deal on the old one and since it has an update to 2.1 which I don't have with the Behold 2 which is stuck on 1.6. So would the Cliq be worth at least untill I can upgrade I want a MyTouch 4g.

  2. VR Gear

    VR Gear Member

    Uhh... NO!!!
    This phone is a dog, dog, dog. If you're expecting a phone with ability to do things without stroking out whenever you use it, I wouldn't get a Cliq. Phone was a POS before update, and after it's even worse. Everything is S-L-O-W.
  3. Laron225

    Laron225 Active Member

    Thanks man. Looks like I'll just stick it out. I had my phone replaced twice now.
  4. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    I quite like my cliq on say go for it. If you look on craigslist one can probably be had for less than $100
  5. Laron225

    Laron225 Active Member

    Thanks, anything has to be better than this Behold 2, freezing, restarting, deleting my apps on boot. I've several roms and I haven't found any that quite work well unless I'm doing something wrong but I don't think so. I've read countless forums on how to fix it and get it to do what I want. They seem to make it worse instead of better. So I'm just ready to give up on it.
  6. cyberstoic

    cyberstoic Member

    For what it's worth, once the phone is on 2.1 it is not too bad with these exception....

    Once you are forced to sign up for blur, DO NOT sync any social networks or anything else to it.

    Immediately drag all the blur widgets into the trash.

    Go to the market and download "home switcher" and then download "launcher pro" and "adw launcher". Try either of them and use the one you like. I found that with adw launcher, the phone's lagginess improved substantially over the stock blur home.

    By using a different launcher, most of it's lag disappears and by not using the blur widgets the battery life improves dramatically.

    Hope that helps
  7. MyNamesTooLong

    MyNamesTooLong Well-Known Member

    I trashed the widgets the day I got it on 1.5...I havent tried a new home screen though. For battery life the battery profile and task manager app work well once you get how to use them. All in all an android 2.1 device for $100 or less is a good plan
  8. steveanderson1357

    steveanderson1357 Active Member

    You mentioned roms on the Behold 2, but not which ones. There were so many good reports on the Galaxy rom, I was wondering if you tried that one. I don't have any of these phones. I just read the forum.

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