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Should i get a S4 or another Note 2?General

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  1. bucsfan

    bucsfan Well-Known Member

    I had a note 2 and i loved it but i got caught up in the hype of getting a new phone and i decided to trade my note 2 for a iphone 5 32 gig model which my daughter wants for her birthday so by doing this i preserved my upgrade now i have a upgrade and dont know what to do with it

  2. SamMax

    SamMax Well-Known Member

    I'm a little torn with this as well. My son needs a phone so he gets my iPhone :) and I'm either waiting for the S4 or just picking up a Note 2 or S3.

    I was all set on the S4 (mostly because the screen) but when I heard that the earpiece and speaker were better on the Note 2 than the S4 that's making me confused.
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  3. Tsepz_GP

    Tsepz_GP Well-Known Member Contributor

    If size doesn't matter and the Note2 screen size is what you want then go for it.

    Personally having used the Note2 I have been impressed but it's sheer size is too much so I'm waiting for the GS4 to arrive.

    What GS4 has over Note2:
    -Compact size and lite weight
    -New gen. CPU/GPU
    -Higher res (1080P), higher ppi (440ppi) display
    -Android4.2.2 out-the-box
    -New TW UI, Note2 will prob get it much later with 4.2.2
    -Takes priority, The GS4 is number 1 priority to Samsung WRT Updates until the GS5
    -13MP Camera with newer and larger sensor and lense

    What Note2 has over GS4:
    -Huge Display
    - S-Pen/stylus
    -Larger battery

    I hope that helps.
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  4. GatorfanDroid

    GatorfanDroid Well-Known Member

    How are they better. I bet once the phone is out that s4 prevails .
  5. dontpanicbobby

    dontpanicbobby Guides Guide

    It depends on how much you need/use the stylus bucsfan. Once top line android phones started using 1ghz processers, 4G networks, and truly mind boggling resolutions for their relatively small screens it's little things like a stylus or hot camera and software that make the difference. So how often did you really use that stylus? Do you really need one? If not, the S4 might be for you.
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