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  1. drjoeshmoe

    drjoeshmoe Member

    I like having an actual keyboard, I have enjoyed my G2, however the data signal seems to have gotten worse, my area seems to have spotty service and every since they supposedly wend 4G it got slower.

    One annoying thing about my G2 is every few days it will develop a problem where while texting it will start to throw me all over the phone with certain button presses until I reboot.

    Another problem is when I get too many messages built up it will get stuck on sending until a reboot.

    I was thinking maybe a more powerful phone with new technology may improve my signal and have better data performance.

    I am not sure if I want a phone that large as I always use a belt holster for work but It would be nice for other things.
    Anyone tryed the Galaxy note II?

  2. Jesslynh

    Jesslynh Well-Known Member

    While I loved my G2, I got tired of the tiny screen. I got a S3 a week ago and LOVE it. I thought that I would miss the keyboard and while I do a little bit, the S3 is so fantastic that I am left wondering why I didn't upgrade before.

    Even better, my bill went down $25 a month. Go for it my friend!
  3. drjoeshmoe

    drjoeshmoe Member

    Got the note II yesterday,
    it seems awesome so far. I havnt had much time to play around yet.
    I cannot believe it is so hard to find a case though, I see otterbox has one but they are not available for sale yet. I ordered a get me buy case off amazon but just noticed the est. ship date is a month from now, I could not even find a universal holster locally that would fit it. I am a little nervous not having it protected as I use it as a work phone as well, the HTC was smaller and made of metal so I am not sure the plastic housing would hold up well to a drop.
  4. KhmertRdboi

    KhmertRdboi New Member

    Coming from myself, this is my 3rd Android device . My first being the G1 and upgrading to the G2 when it was a few months old. I love the Galaxy note II, I can't put it down since I bought it release day. Videos and Web Browsing are amazing. Battery life is also very good coming from the 3100 mah battery. Combine that with jelly bean platform and this device is a must. The 5.5 screen has its pros and cons. Some of the cons are the size of the phone makes it hard to use one handed. Using it while driving can get tricky but manageable. Make sure you have a spot where to put the phone, mine moved from a cell phone holder to my cup holder if the phone is not in my pocket. My two cents, go to a dealer and use the phone for a few minutes to see if it fits the bill for a new phone. I'm very happy with my Note II, should keep me happy for a long time. Cases are hard to come by, I checked Best Buy and Target oftenly. Ebay has many to choose from. All l need now is a screen protector, too scared to remove the original film off the screen.
  5. drjoeshmoe

    drjoeshmoe Member

    Here is a screen protector on amazon SPIGEN SGP Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Screen Protector Clear Steinheil [Ultra Crystal] [2-PACK] for Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, International - Galaxy Note II / N7100 - CLEAR: Cell Phones & Accessories
  6. drjoeshmoe

    drjoeshmoe Member

    just to let anyone know...otterbox just put up all the pics/info on the two cases they will have, you can put in your email to be notified when available.

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