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Should I get the HTC Desire.... or wait...

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  1. I Like Ice cream

    I Like Ice cream New Member This Topic's Starter

    Aug 4, 2010
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    I am wanting to buy my first android phone and after doing some research think that the HTC Desire is one of the best. I am wanting to get a new phone within the next month and I'm wondering if I should wait for any new phones or go for a completely different phone?

    Main things I want from it:
    • A reletivly good battery life
    • Very good internet browsing
    • A good enough screen (for watching films on)
    • A phone that won't become old quickly
    • and a good UI and music player

    Grateful for any advice :)

  2. reese637

    reese637 Member

    Jul 25, 2010
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    I'm going to buy the Desire as soon as it's available at Telus. It will also be my first Android phone and am confident it's my favourite by far. However, this phone does not sport a very large battery which means you'll get about a full day of use before it needs to be charged (running FriendStream and HTC Sense gives you even less battery life). As far as internet browsers go, I think the Desire's browser is one of the best mobile browsers ever. It's very fast, it's snappy, and it has flash! The screen on the Desire is excellent, too. Weather you get an AMOLED or a Sony LCD, both screens are crisp and show colours nicely. Unfortunately these days you cannot buy a phone and expect it to be new for a couple years. Any Android phone you buy will be replaced within a few months. At some point you need to stop waiting for something new and just buy a phone that you like. This phone has a great UI considering it has HTC Sense and I think the music player looks great. It really reminds me of the iPhone music player which is a big thumbs up for me.

    Well I hope could help you. :)
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  3. Mubble

    Mubble Well-Known Member

    Jul 20, 2010
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    Sounds like an iPhone 4 to me!

  4. Racheluk

    Racheluk Active Member

    Aug 4, 2010
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    LOL now thats funny:)

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