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Should I get the s3 now or wait for s4?General

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  1. Zackme

    Zackme New Member

    s3 or s4?

    Which one do I choose? I need a phone that can lastly me at least 5 years without upgrading to a new phone cause in my country doesn't have contracts. I'm going to upgrade from my iPhone 3G. Get a 5 or so months old phone OR wait 5 months for the s4

  2. WAWood8

    WAWood8 Well-Known Member

    Unless you really need it NOW, I would wait. I'm NOT a fan of the SG3 -- as I've had more than my fair share of problems with it.

    The SG4 was going to be announced at CES, THEN it was going to be announced at the World Mobility Conference, THEN Samsung said they would announce it on their own, presumably, later.

    In the meantime, HTC and Motorola are bringing out new phones all the time.

    I would take a hard look at them before jumping into a Samsung phone.
  3. davidmanvell

    davidmanvell Well-Known Member

    It will most likely be mid next year for the S4 to come out so depends on how much you really want it. You can also try the Droid DNA (Droid Butterfly in Europe). it is a really nice phone and has a faster processor and higher rez screen.
  4. CrimsonPride

    CrimsonPride Well-Known Member

    The gs3 is a great phone, won phone of the year this year. now its all up to you to decide if its worth waiting 6ish months to get the 4. not really anyone who can make that decision if its worth the wait but you
  5. Mohaver

    Mohaver Active Member

    Honestly, I would say get the S3. The only reason for this is that for the the most part it is highly bug free and works well. When the S4 comes out there could be all sorts of bugs as there usually are when a product first comes out. I would not recommend buying a product right off the bat unless you'll die without it. There's no reason to and if there is something wrong with the new product then it's your loss. Let others experiment and throw away their money with the new gadgets. I would wait at least 6 months after the release of the S4 if that is what you decide to buy.
  6. bigsmokefarmer

    bigsmokefarmer Well-Known Member

    All depends how much you need a new phone, I had a iphone 3GS previously and had to switch as soon as the galaxy came out as my iphone was dying. I have no regrets, love my phone and it's worlds apart from the iphone in terms of the flexibility you have with it. The S4 will be interesting but you're not going to get your hands on it for 6 months yet I would say so really depends on how soon you need it..

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