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  1. EVOGUY88

    EVOGUY88 Well-Known Member

    I currently have the HTC EVO DESIGN 4G on Boost Mobile but now that boost has released there latest and greatest from all that i have read as far as reviews. The Samsung Galaxy S2 4G seems to be the best phone from all the reviews. 2 of the Features i love are is that it has a 1200 MHZ Dual Core Processor and a 8mp Rear Cam that records 1080p HD Video just 2 features i thought i would mention. I read though some people say the DESIGN 4G still has a better display resolution and or pixel density etc. ???????

    from where i buy my phone they offer damage coverage i always get it it is $40 for 1 year these last two times i had to replace my phone and acutally paid the difference to upgrade the replacement phone i accidently broke my lg marquee and then saw the ZTE WARP so i asked if i could upgrade and they said yeah there is a difference of something that needs to be paid so i paid it. So i got the ZTE WARP then the wicked HTC EVO DESIGN 4G came out and one day i jumped up to fast my warp flew across the room and hit the corner of a table i mean it actually hit the corner and the screen shattered. So i when in and saw they had more Warps but they also had the new HTC EVO DESIGN 4G'S they where $299.99 sweet. Because the Value of my ZTE WARP was $199.99 when i bought it so once again i asked if i could pay the difference which was about ($114 this is including tax) to upgrade they said yes so i did. Got the EVO DESIGN 4G love it but now i figure why not get the Samsung Galaxy S2 is it worth the upgrade??????

    I mean i would only have to pay $100 plus tax difference to upgrade if i go in and damage out my phone for a replacement just say i dropped it and now it is not reliable.

    They don't really care as long as you have the insurance i always by it.

    Why is the Samsung Galaxy S2 4G labeled as the 4G on Boost Mobile? is it just to glorify their version of the Samsung Galaxy S2 which is the Same Version of any Samsung Galaxy S2 right??????

    Also does the Boost Mobile Version also accept Sim Cards??????

  2. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

    Boost only offers service on CDMA and WiMax(4G), so no SIM cards. Phones are easily upgraded at While WiMax is not true 4G, it is definitely faster than CDMA where available.

    At $370 the S2 is probably not worth the extra cash VS the EVO Design 4G, unless you are not as value minded as I am. At $100, dang sure is worth it in my book.
  3. EVOGUY88

    EVOGUY88 Well-Known Member

    well see incase you didn't read all my post all i have to do is claim phone as damaged and pay the difference for the S2 which in this case is ($100 plus tax) boom got it. But see the cool thing about my HTC EVO DESIGN 4G is that it is a world phone meaning it accepts GSM/Sim Cards as well as CDMA.
    Yes i know boost is CDMA Only. But once or twice a year i go to Europe and there is pretty much no CDMA Coverage over there So in the past i have bought prepaid minutes on a Sim Card and pop it in the slim slot of the phone i have and i can talk in europe with my world phone. That is why i am asking if the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a world phone/gsm sim cards???????

    Is the phone noticeably faster with a Dual Core 12mhz processor vs the htc evo design 4g's 1.2 mhz single processor. I keep hearing how the Design still has a better pixel density resolution etc?

    claimed my phones in the past as damaged twice before.
  4. gamikzone

    gamikzone Well-Known Member

    the evo design has a sim card slot in it and it works on all gsm networks except in the united states.
  5. EVOGUY88

    EVOGUY88 Well-Known Member

    What i was asking is if the Samsung Galaxy S2 4G (which is a CDMA Device has a sim card slot as well meaning it is a gsm world phone as well)
    Just like my HTC EVO DESIGN 4G runs on CDMA and also has a sim card slot making it a gsm world phone.

    See what i am saying man this is the truth your answer was a waste of space.

    I don't mean to be mean but read what i say then post your answer.
  6. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

    I stated in my previous post no SIM cards. The Boost S2 will NOT work on GSM.

    edit: I suppose I could post a picture of the S2 with the battery removed but I thought typing would suffice.
  7. AprilThe20th

    AprilThe20th Well-Known Member

    GS2 is CDMA on boost,I don't see a slot at all for a sim card on the phone......
  8. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

    CDMA does not operate on SIM cards, iDEN did and so does GSM.
  9. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Well-Known Member

    Thinking of upgrading how is battery life and cm10.
  10. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

    Battery life is OK, many ROMs have a battery saver/script of some nature built in. Personally I get a full day, but in all fairness I use this alot more than I did my Prevail. ;)

    Overall I love CM10. Many great features including a built in CPU under-clocker in settings.

    My issues:

    No Swype keyboard- beta downloadable at Swype | Type Fast, Swype Faster
    No Touchwiz clock- I bought the $.25 HD-Widgets
    No task manager- still resolving. long pressing home key brings up recent apps (and will close most) but is not a true task manager
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