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  1. Voltex

    Voltex Member

    I'm planning on purchasing a smartphone (not one of those super expensive ones) and this one caught my eye, along with the Samsung Galaxy Ace. I have a few questions for you guys:

    How's the availability of apps for this phone? This phone can pretty much download and run any Android app right?

    Does Motoblur completely change the UI? Is there a way to disable Motoblur?

    How's the screen resolution? I know the Galaxy Ace's resolution is pretty bad; is this a lot better compared to that phone?

    How well does this phone respond to taps? I plan on texting a lot with this phone, so having a responsive touchscreen is key.

    Are there any significant cons to this phone?



  2. jd5150

    jd5150 Active Member

    the resolution on this phone is superior to many phones alot more expensive than this one espcially its ppi. the texting is brilliant primarily as it has swype installed which allows you to just tap the first letter, then swype your finger across the rest of the letters in the word. you cant specifically disable motoblur but its fairly easy to flash a custom rom to and almost unbrickable thanks to its locked bootloader which many see is a bad point but it has saved me more than once. you should get this phone
  3. nft836

    nft836 New Member

    I am very happy about my phone, specially after I installed CyanogenMod on it. Motoblur is ok, you will get use to it, but if you dont like it I will recommend you to install CyanogenMod. It is fast with no lag at all + the phone can hold up the battery for 2 days.
    The internal memory is on 1.24GB, and leaves you with more than 1GB to apps with the ROM installed. That is more than enough memory for normal use, specially if you compare it to the HTC desire.

    The screen is good for a midrange phone, though it could be brighter in sunlight (same goes for all other midrange phones). The resolution is 480 x 854 pixels compared to the Ace (320 x 480). That is 2.67 times the resolution.

    Another good thing it is IP67 certified, which means it is dust and waterproof.

    You should of course go for the Defy+ which is an update of the defy.
  4. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    FWIW, I'm getting 3-5 days use on full charge with the stock 2.2 build, on AT&T's network.
  5. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    It's a great phone. Just watch out for earpiece failure, caused mainly by repeated usage of the headphone jack (the nearby earpiece is a bit flimsy). They get repaired for free under warranty. I don't know if Defy + has the same fault. I still love this phone, mine is rooted / overclocked / custom volted / great apps etc etc. I may look at other android but even with this repair, still leaps ahead of my ipod touch*. Such a shame that my faovourite phone ever has had this fault.

    *ok so it's not a phone but iOS is like fisher-price, they've designed it to be patronisingly simple, I do not go to pubs to drink from a plastic beaker!
  6. scrannel

    scrannel Well-Known Member

    Had mine since they became avail in us, t-mo branded. No troubles. But... what network are you on? If t-mo you must get a phone that will use 1700 frequency to get 3G. From what I read, however, the t-mo version also works on at&t, but would check that. If you get a non- t-mo usa phone not sure it will work on any us carriers. There is, apparently. a Defy + version that is avail with at&t 3G frequencies, but not t-mo. All will work on "standard" 2100.
  7. druss

    druss Member

    how do u manage 2 days battery??
  8. Ironheade

    Ironheade Member

    Juice defender, set vsel, and turn off automatic updates. I've had a defy for a while now. The ONLY problem I've had is the battery life. As long as you kill the data it will last for days on a charge.
  9. !on

    !on Well-Known Member

    Widgets for cache cleaning, dim the brightness even lower than standard, 3g data toggle, set cpu, and in settings there is data manager & battery manager to customize when to use data

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