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Should I get this tablet?General

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  1. luioo7

    luioo7 Member

    I've been looking at the specs, and it's pretty impressive. However, I don't want a tablet that's already behind the curve. How does is compare to the Galaxy Tab 10.1?
    Sorry, I'm absolutely clueless about the Thrive. I saw the 1saleaday deal and I want it, but I'm not sure if it's gonna become outdated. But this board is pretty active, and I saw that it'll get ICS soon, so I don't think it'll become irrelevant any time soon. I love how this tablet looks though, so any input will be appreciated.

  2. Evo 5oh

    Evo 5oh Well-Known Member

    I love this piece of crap...i dont know about about other tablets i dont care...this tablet is pretty awesome....has soo many ports.....
  3. DerekElensar

    DerekElensar Well-Known Member

    I would have gotten it. $260 is a pretty good deal when they're still selkling for around $419 new on Amazon.

    Compared to the 10.1:
    * Same screen size
    * Same screen Resolution
    * Thrive is a bit cheaper
    * Thrive comes with 3.1 / 10.1 comes with 3.0 (Both are updateable, I believe)
    * Both Have capacative muiltitouch
    * Thrive has ambient light sensor, 10.1 does not
    * Both have virtual keyboard
    * Thrive had Tegra 2 processor / 10.1 has Dual-Core 1000MHz
    * more specs can be found here:

    EDIT: New link: http://tinyurl.com/7ffu2fe
    and for all you skeptics out there that don't trust tinyurl.com:
    This will bring you to the tinyurl website showing you where I'm trying to bring you to.

    if for some reason this doesn't work, let me know, so I can smash my head in and find another way to work it out.
  4. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    Refurb 32gb for $280 on ebay right now. Same price for the 16gb one on Ben's Outlet.

    I pretty much use my Evo View all the time and have a Touchpad that sits on the nightstand quite a bit. I'm going to ditch it and pick up the 32gb Thrive. Will get more use with the full size SD, hdmi, and usb host. Just the fact I can use my full size SD from my cameras is reason alone. I don't think we'll see another tablet with full size SD. Dumbest move ever. Dual and quad core tablets with full size SD would be great for editing and uploading photos from the camera while out and about.
  5. DerekElensar

    DerekElensar Well-Known Member

    be careful with eBay... you never know exactly what you''re getting... even if pics are posted. :p
  6. newsomer

    newsomer Member

    luioo7, did you get the Thrive? I have one coming from Ben's, should arrive Friday or Monday. From what I read with the full size flash memory slot even the 8GB Thrive is a good thing.
  7. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I just ordered one, too and can't wait to root it.
  8. DerekElensar

    DerekElensar Well-Known Member

    Yep, Internal size isn't a huge issue if you're planning on getting some external memory. The Toshiba Thrive is compatible with up to 128GB of external storage at any time. :)

    Good for you! Welcome to the club gentlemen. :)
  9. rushmore

    rushmore Well-Known Member

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  10. Ted1Jones

    Ted1Jones Well-Known Member

    It now has ICS, so that is certainly a plus. Unlike most other manufacturers, Toshiba updated Android 3.x quite a few times so perhaps they will with 4.x, too. The Thrive is thinner and lighter than all but the newest tablets.
  11. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    What have you been smoking? Xoom, transformer and Iconia were all more svelte than thw Thrive. The Thrive's only real selling features are the full size ports, sd slot and replaceable battery.
  12. Ted1Jones

    Ted1Jones Well-Known Member

    Sorry, I guess I should have said, "many". I haven't owned them all. I was thinking of the iPad and Lenovo. However...

    Thrive: .6 inch thick, 1.6 lbs.
    Xoom: .6 inch thick, 1.6 lbs. (who would want Motorola?)
    Tranformer: .5 inch thick, 1.5 lbs.
    Iconica: .5 inch thick, 1.7 lbs.

    ...not much difference. Plus, are those 3 tablets on ICS? (I don't know.)
  13. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    I own the Thrive and love it but the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is about .4" thick so it's alot thicker than most. Even the Toshiba Excite (replacement for Thrive) is .35", which is the thinnest in the market. Xoom is .5"

    Like what was posted above, it is probably the thickest in the market but the Thrive has USB, Full sized SD, HDMI out and mini USB ports so that is the main selling point is the ports.

    Last week, the (10") 16GB version was going for $199, which is a great deal.
  14. dbpaddler

    dbpaddler Well-Known Member

    Having owned all but the Motorola, you're off...

    Thrive 273 x 177 x 16. mm 725g
    A500 260 x 177 x 13.3 mm 730g
    TF101 271 x 171 x 13 mm 680g
    Xoom 249.1 x 167.8 x 12.9 mm 730g

    And a problem with the Moto? They're all tegra 2 crap. The mot was just first. Nice build quality, dimensions and respectable weight. Both the Acer and Moto have solid builds, hence the weight. The moto is also the most svelte all around. The Thrive is light because of the big plastic back and lack of metal. The acer also has a full size USB. The Thrive is a thick chunk. 3mm makes a big deifference. It's also the longest of the bunch. Not a good combo. If you don't need the versatility, I'd take the a500 or Moto. If you want a dock, the tf is nice. I'd probably just get whichever one has the best deal, and I'd wait for a sub $200 price.

    Personally, they were all too big, and I went with the Galaxy 8.9. Perfect size. Also trying out a widescreen 8" china pad that should arrive soon that gives me on board connectivity without the dongles of the 8.9 tab.

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