Should I live with broken USB to keep root?

  1. wvufan

    wvufan Active Member

    So today my USB breaks so the phone doesn't charge without putting some torque on the cable (I'm sure the USB jack has pulled off the motherboard). Should I live with the hassle until 2.2 is rooted, or return the phone for a replacement and risk that they will force an update to stock 2.2?

    I'm assuming I'd have to return to stock before taking phone in for service, too (and just after I finished getting everything setup after updating to rooted Froyo).

  2. One Beast

    One Beast Well-Known Member

    Uhhh no...take it back.....Im sure 2.2 will be rooted soon...i doubt the phones are shipping with 2.2 now and just tell them not to do any system updates when they set up your phone...Its not mandatory

    That USB port wont hold up much longer by the way your describing it
  3. wvufan

    wvufan Active Member

    I don't have too much faith in the USB, although data transfers still work as long as slight torque is applied. Can I revert to stock from rooted Froyo without USB? Do I need to revert immediately in case data on USB stops working?
  4. nahpungnome

    nahpungnome Well-Known Member

    Not having root sucks, but not being able to charge your phone is an epic fail. Go return it.
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  5. tjwoo

    tjwoo Well-Known Member

    You can just download all necessary files with your evo. No pc needed. Reboot into recovery and flash like normal. Pc connection is just more convenient. You dont NEED adb.
  6. nahpungnome

    nahpungnome Well-Known Member

    Personally I like charging normally without pulling the battery, but if you don't mind, then have at it.
  7. tjwoo

    tjwoo Well-Known Member

    well, i was just telling him that he doesn't have to rely on connecting to the computer to revert back to stock so that he can get his phone exchanged via sprint store
  8. nahpungnome

    nahpungnome Well-Known Member

    ah, gotcha, misread what you said
  9. kmisterk

    kmisterk Active Member

    First, use recovery to do a nandroid backup. Next, use a RUU to return back to a stock state. Then return the device, exchange it out for a new one, Come home, Root it with Simple root, cause all evo's come with 2.1. it out of the box, then use the recovery to reflash your nandroid backup back to the device. hassle resolved, time spent setting it up preserved.
  10. wvufan

    wvufan Active Member

    Thanks for the thoughts all. I wasn't worried about the hassle of rooting (I've done it using toast's method twice now; I'm not put off by adb), but I was concerned they might preload Froyo and I'd have to wait for Froyo to be cracked.

    I went to the Sprint store today, and had no trouble getting them to do a warranty replacement for my broken usb (not charging), even though I'd read horror stories from those being forced to do an insurance replacement. I have to wait until Monday to get the ordered replacement, but assuming it will have 2.1 loaded, I'm happy as can be considering.


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