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Should I return this Galaxy Tab 2 10.1?!

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  1. excelfan

    excelfan Active Member

    I had the original Samsung Galaxy Tab, and it died (battery) on me a month ago. I learned my lesson about overcharging...I'd leave it on charge all night while I slept. My Nexus Smartphone (and Sony Vita, a pretty cool multimedia gaming handheld with a net browser) have been filling the void in the mean time, but I wanted another tablet.

    So I went to the Verizon store, and I asked the guy what was the BEST android tablet out now, and he goes, the Galaxy 2 10.1 over there. The screen looked double what what my old tab was, and in my haste to fill the void, I got it...so I'm reading some reviews on the net, which I should done first, and the tab is getting HAMMERED. alright, one guy could be on the take from the competitors :)...but if EVERY review is mediocre, it has to raise some concerns.

    What came up continuously is that the Galaxy NOTE Tab is better. And the note 2 comes out in a couple months? Is the Note THAT much better than this that I should return this and get that (or wait for the note 2), or is the difference not worth the exchange fee I'd have to pay, $70, and should stick with this?

  2. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    well the tab 2 is dual core, while the note 10.1 is a quad core processor. plus the note utilizes the s pen stylus which you can photo edit with the stylus. you can even run certain apps side by side. plus it just got an upgrade to jb which is the latest android os. while i believe that the tab 2 is only ICS.

    so is the note better then the tab 2......yes

    would i return it.......yes

    not sure why the sales rep told you the best was the tab 2 which has been out over a year now. but if you want some other options, i would also recommend that you check out the transformer infinity. it is also a quad core tablet running the latest android os. the best part is the keyboard accessory you can get.....i suggest that you check it out as well......or wait until MWC which happens in a few weeks to see what other mobile devices come out.

    but i would return it, but that is up to you.

    edit: i moved this thread to the device comparison forum.
  3. excelfan

    excelfan Active Member

    A couple things may convince me to keep it :). The price of those competing tabs, and the availability of the Verizon 4G LTE network...
  4. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    ok if we are going by price then yes that is a pretty good deal as the tab 2 is cheaper. do you have the built in 3g tab 2? or do you have a broadband mobile hotspot?

    but just keep in mind with any technology, you get what you pay for. the note is going to be waaaaay better but more expensive
  5. excelfan

    excelfan Active Member

    I called Verizon :)...I asked if they have the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. He said, oh, thats not a tab, that's a smartphone tab hybrid :D! I checked again, and I called back and said it IS a tab, the 10.1! Oh, we don't have that :)...we have the hybrid. Isn't he supposed to know this stuff :)?! I brought that up with a 5 second Google search! There isn't a Verizon Transformer model either.

    I have the built in 4G LTE model.
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  6. excelfan

    excelfan Active Member

    Okay, they don't have the Note 10.1-yet. In a month or so, with 4G LTE...so I'm returning the Galaxy 2, get the refund, and wait for the Note release :). The note has a better camera too. I took 2000 Miami and New Orleans vacation pictures with the old Galaxy 7 incher, so a high quality camera is a must. Oh well, couple more weeks with the Nexus and Vita :).
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  7. ocnbrze

    ocnbrze DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!! Moderator

    why is it called a hybrid? not sure what kind of training those guys get.......LOL

    nice i did not know that they were coming out with an lte version.....good call on waiting. i think you will be much happier with the note vs a tab 2.

    keep us posted and let us know how you like your new tablet when you get it.
  8. excelfan

    excelfan Active Member

    When I returned it, a salesperson told me there's not much difference between this and the Note :D...I mentioned the 2 extra processors and better camera, and she clamed up :D.

    Learned a lesson...the sales folks aren't there to tell you to wait X amount of time to get a superior product. They are there to make a sale on WHATEVER product they have to sell in that store on THAT day :D. The superior model could be there TOMORROW, and they'd still sell you whatever is in that store TODAY :D.

    Its up to me as the consumer to do my own research on the net before I walk in the store. Sansung Galaxy was my first tab. Verizon was selling it cheep, which usually means the upgrade is coming, but the sales guy told me that wasn't the case :). I don't regret getting the original Galaxy Tab, I fell in love with it. But knowing the Tab 2 was on the way, I would have waited...I'm getting it right this time. No buying a tab and it being obsolete as soon as I take it out the box :D.
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  9. Keynith

    Keynith Well-Known Member

    I never go into a verizon store. They work on commission, which only requires them to know how to sell their merchandise.

    Most of the verizon employees are using iphones/ipads anyways....

    But yeah, id wait a bit for new releases and return the gtab.
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