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Should I Root My G2x?

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  1. kona680

    kona680 Well-Known Member

    Can anyone elaborate what are the advantages of rooting the G2X and why? I don't know how to root and I've been wanting to do it. If I were to do it please give specific reasons why I should do it and how. Thanks!

  2. mojorisin7178

    mojorisin7178 Well-Known Member

    There are a number of reasons why you should root the best one I can think of is greater battery life it will take some time but once you figure out what rom you like and how to tweek it you can get the battery to lasst for ever. Also you have full control of the phone like uninstalling all the crap that comes with the phone and the evil car home that everyone hates soooo much. It is also like haveing a completly different phone every time you flash a new rom. you can also unlock the phones full potential stock the phone runs at 1 ghz you can over clock it to 1.5 ghz thats fast!!! good for games and multi tasking. just make sure you read firdst because you can mess up the phone.

    What version of android are you running now 2.2.2 or 2.3.3? I ask because there are two different procedures for rooting and that is the key. If you need anymore help I sugest going to xda developers.com and cxheking out their fourm.

    Good luck

  3. kona680

    kona680 Well-Known Member


    Hi! I have the 2.3.3 version of Android so would you mind provide a link to the instructions on how to root it and what ROM is best to use in your opinion? I'm afraid of rooting my phone because it might brick out or something. Thanks!

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