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  1. Tenkaiser

    Tenkaiser Member

    I just bought a Transformer Infinity and am considering the benefits of rooting it and installing CFW like I have for my android phone. I put a lot more money down for this than my phone so I have some concerns about doing this immediately and voiding my warranty.

    Can anyone weigh in on this? Is there a lot of benefit to rooting it right now in terms of what it can and can't do un-rooted?

  2. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    There are some benefits, the biggest being the ability to use root required apps. Titanium Backup is a popular one which allows you to backup and restore your apps with full data. Another is the ability to use an ad blocker app to remove most pesky advertisements in apps. Rooting generally doesn't automatically void your warranty, but if you unlock your bootloader, that does. Doing that will open the door to custom recovery, custom roms, and custom kernels.
  3. gmermel

    gmermel Well-Known Member

    Do I understand this correctly:

    1. I don't void the warranty if I root without unlocking the bootloader?
    2. Can I install Jellybean 4.2 only by unlocking the bootloader ie rooting doesn't let you?
    3. How does one root but leave the bootloader locked? I thought rooting, by itself, WAS unlocking the bootloader?
    Have never rooted any of my numerous android phones and frankly, hardly understand what rooting does or what a bootloader is.......

    My next stop? Wikipedia.
  4. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    1)This is a grey area because technically Asus will have the right to deny warranty, but generally doesn't.
    2) The only way to get 4.2 is to unlock and install a custom rom based on 4.2, or wait for Asus to release it as an update.
    3) One can root without unlocking by exploiting a security weakness in their current build. Rooting is simply the process of achieving root access on your device. This is similar to having administrator privileges on Windows. Unlocking the bootloader gives you access to the devices bootloader which gives you access to all the partitions of the device. This would allow one to modify the Rom, Recovery, Kernel, and Baseband(on a phone) if completely unlocked. This is what most people want access to in order to install custom recovery for making and restoring backups as well as other things, such as installing custom roms or kernels. Rooting gives you more privileges on the device, such as modifying system level files and running apps that require root access,
  5. Tylorw1

    Tylorw1 Well-Known Member

    2) Installing 4.2 can only be done by unlocking boot loader atm, 4.2 comes out as stock in 1-3 months for the tf700.
    3) you can root without unlocking bootloader by reverting back to ICS and rooting, then using OTA rootkeeper to keep the root and upgrade. Since there is no way to root Stock Jelly without custom rom or a rooted stock rom which wont work with stock recovery.


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